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Thread: Phone app crashing

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    Default Phone app crashing
    My phone app closes every time I open it. The keypad comes up then shuts down. If someone calls me or I make a call using the addressbook, I only get the green bar at the top of springboard that says "touch here to return to call". Touching that does nothing.

    I tried replacing the and rebooting, but that didn't work.

    Any other ideas before I restore again?

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    you can change the extension of the custom restore file to .zip. The phone app is inside a dmg located inside the zip.

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    ok but how to i get inside the dmg file to access the file ?
    doesnt seem to want to let me access

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    when I did it, there were two dmg files. One couldnt be opened, the other could.

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    Had you solved this problem, guys? Im having this problem too...

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    To those of you having this issue who installed Kate, that is what caused the problem for me. Kate worked fine for awhile, and then I guess the trial expired (no notice or warning). The phone rebooted, scrambled my icon order, and everything seemed OK until I tried the phone app, which would simply crash back to the home screen.

    To FIX it, I went into settings and disabled the Kate modules I had enabled, then I went to Installer and uninstalled Kate. MobilePhone then started working normally again.

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    MIVtones is what crashed my phone with that same problem. All I did was re-load the powned "custom restore file" I made and fixed my problem.. I did loose a few pics though

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    Default phone app crash solution
    i had the same problem as well, but i never had kate or the rip dev prefs installed. However, my phone app stopped working after i added visual voice mail. My solution was to go into Settings --> General --> Reset --> Reset Network Settings. My phone app worked again, however your wifi passwords will be cleared and make sure edge and 3G settings may change in the bossprefs as well.

    goodluck to you,

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    Default [RESOLVED] - Uninstalled Kate
    I too had this exact problem. I thought it may have been customizations I applied to the keypad using Winterboard and Customize but from this thread I was able to recall that I installed Kate (although nothing seemed to install correctly). I went into Installer and uninstalled Kate, resprung and the Phone is working again.

    Just like I have said previous times about Intelliscreen, I am saying about Kate now. NEVER AGAIN

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    Thumbs up Kate the @#$#@ did it!
    damn that kate. it was her all the time. thanks guys for letting me know about this. great to have such resources online.


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    Just about sh** myself when I couldn't use my phone. Uninstalling Kate worked for me also.


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    THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! Mostly Daveiphone...I had connected my iphone just about to rejailbreak b/c my dad called and I realised my phone app wouldn't open up during the call. Afterwards I realized it was really screwed. I am in the tech support field and couldn't find an answer, and trust me, me and google are close pals. Something told me to look one last time, and this is one of my main info sites so I searched here, and found this!!! I was very mad prior to finding this b/c I just re-jailbroke last night!

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    Default crashing with Kate
    If you're a little dense like me, be sure to disable the settings in RipDev FIRST, then uninstall Kate. I tried to just uninstall Kate, but this didn't fix the crashing issue. I had to reinstall it, then disable the settings.

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    i have installed Kate, disabled all the functions, than uninstalled it using the installer app. but my phone app is still crashing. anyone can help?

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