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Thread: Dashbuster not functioning 1.1.3

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    Default Dashbuster not functioning 1.1.3
    this may sound strange, but this is the app that i use the most on the go. the problem is i can not for the life of me get it to function on the new firmware.... it opens fine, i can even look at my shipped movies, what's in my queue, but i can not search for anything. after i press the search button and type something in and hit search/return the search HUD comes on with the gear spinning and then crashes.

    i used nate's jailbreak and the bosstool to move applications and whatnot. is anyone else having the same problem or at least having something similar happen?

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    I apologize for not making any announcements about this sooner, I've been off the iphone radar for a bit.

    The crash is caused by some changes made by blockbuster, and has nothing to do with the 1.1.3 firmware update. It was just chance that they took place around the same time.

    I was waiting for Blockbuster to finish rolling out their updates before releasing an update for Dashbuster. They seem to be done, so look for one in the very near future.

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    thank you. thank you. thank. you.

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    I am having an issue in 1.1.3, the box art no longer shows up in my queue, it just gets stuck on loading. I am guessing it has something to do with the folders being movie to the mobile folder so the app doesn't have anywhere to save them to.

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    Talking I need my dashbuster back!!!! Please!!!
    Hey Jetskier, I really love you app. So much so that when it was fully functioning I wouldn't even use the blockbuster website to manage my que. That is until I upgraded to 1.1.3 a little over a month ago. Now dashbuster is the only app that I have on my springboard that doesn't work anymore, and whats funny is that it honestly is the one app that I could use the most. I'm sure that your a very busy person but maybe an update of what your future plans are for dashbuster would be great. Every morning I wake up and refresh my Installer app in hopes of seeing that magical update, but every morning I'm disapointed. I would love to donate to this app, if I could only get my dashbuster back. PLEASE!!!!

    P.S. Thanks for the great work on this app and hope to see it again soon.
    (Not all the cool kids have Netflix)

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