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Thread: Maps - Locate Me feature taking WAY too long

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    Default Maps - Locate Me feature taking WAY too long
    Does any one else feel like since firmware 2.0 and now with 2.0.1 the Locate Me feature in Maps takes entirely too long to locate you? I'm talking about on a 2G not 3G
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    Mine takes so long I don't even bother waiting. It sucks.

    but I haven't bothered to look into it.

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    I'm finding the opposite. Mine is much quicker - by factor of at least 2. When on 1.1.4 I didn't bother with it because it was so slow. Now I use it a lot, though the accuracy leaves a bit to be desired.

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    It depends upon location. When I was in California, it was super quick. Here in Utah, I haven't even seen it work yet. Had it trying for about 5 minutes with no luck.

    Weak sauce.

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    it takes a while sometimes it's quick on 2G. I have another problem when on 3G and I use the locate feature it's says I'm in Philly when I actually live in Utah.

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    Yeah. I think the GPS freakin' sucks in Utah.

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    i thought with the 3G version...with should locate you relatively

    when i do the locate me still shows a super large circular area same as it did on the 2G phone. in HK...this is not working out the circular area nearly covers all of HK .... lol

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    mine use to work very well,
    now its JUNK after the update to 2.0.1 2g

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    I have noticed this as well. since upgrading to 2.0.1 the locate me feature on google maps takes FOREVER on my 2g

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    My locate me feature is working the same as always here in Arizona. The Problem I am having is that the directions dont work on my 1.1.4. I can't map my rout from anywhere to anywhere. Anybody know what this is? It just started since 2.0 was released.

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    I think it fixes it if you turn off wifi/3g and try locate me with edge then turn wifi back on.

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    the problem with this is if you disable wifi, it will work over EDGE.

    Simply spoof your APN.

    How to disable data on your iPhone or iPhone 3G | - Canada's iPhone Home!

    by faking the APN, the phone will NEVER look for EDGE data. and wifi will always work

    btw, i think there is something in 2.0.1 that automatically lists all provider apn's.

    hence, when you have ur sim card in there, it cross-references the cached apn info, and it tries to use the apn link. if you have a wifi connection, it forces the APN over EDGE.

    this is crap.

    kill the apn and keep it on wifi.

    if you need to use the edge locate me, via an APN that you are paying for, then keep your apn profile and disable wifi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamse7en View Post
    Yeah. I think the GPS freakin' sucks in Utah.
    what are you talkign about? im in utah and um well gps works everywhere long as you can see sky gps works. (since 3g is the only one with gps thats what im talking about) It is slow for me as well, although it seems to find me faster if im moving.. such as in a car or city transit, or even walking.

    the jailbreak seemed to have caused maps to barely work sometimes so i dk

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    The 2G Locate Me service doesn't work for me either on WiFi or Edge - just sits there looking...looking...looking....looking. After about 15-30 minutes it will finally locate me, but by then I would've got lost, found my own way again, got lost again, and finally ended up at my destination.

    Seems like horrible quality control by apple if you ask me. Either that or they figured we would all ditch our 2Gs and buy 3Gs and didn't bother making the "locate me" feature work for both GPS and triangulation!!!

    To be fair though I did jailbreak

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    wait...can someone tell me how to get the GPS locate me on a 3G iphone to work?
    mine rarely works...and when it still just shows a huge circular area (covering most of HK). thats not exactly an improvement over my previous 2G iphones' trangulation crap

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