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Thread: MivTones Problems?

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    Default MivTones Problems?
    I never got the original when it came out, I had a iTouch back then.

    But now ive got the 3g, and i cant even get it to work.
    First, I tried to sign up for an account. Took 3 hours to get the verification email.
    When I finally got it, and logged in for the first time, I had to complete registration with a few more forms to fill out. Every time I clicked submit, it would take me back to the same page as if i just reloaded the page.
    I'm trying again now, and I can't even get to the page that kept reloading.

    The app and its website have plenty of spelling errors, as well. The help portion of the website doesn't even load (404 error).

    Yknow, I'd love to use this app, but there's no way id even consider paying $20 for something i cant even get to work.

    ANY help? please?
    anybody else having similar issues? how did u fix them?

    nvm. i got it all working now. im a loser; get over it xP

    sounds like their site has quite a few problems.

    when u first sign up, they email you your password. took ~6 hours to get that email
    when u go back to teh site to finish the registration, click submit and wait a while
    (took me a day and a half...). disregard the fact that the webpage looks the same

    now login into the MiVTones app on ur iphone using ur username and the new password that you set up earlier.

    should work out fine.

    oh, and to get the vids on there u have to SSH them into
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    I was stupid enough to pay before using the program.

    I keep getting the same error when trying to verify my account through MiVTones.
    Some rubbish about it being activated on another phone. It's not though.

    I've mailed the support email given and all they do is reset your account.

    but everytime i restart my iphone, it disables MivTones.

    Any else afflicted by this problem?

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    can u upload mivtones

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    nudge - i have the same problem. i dont know whats going on. and the support from infotec sucks

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    I have a problem with the new updated MiVTones. I tried adding a aif audio file via Fugu method to my 3G iPhone 16GB, it goes in to it, but when you try to get it working, it doesn't... Can anybody give me a solution to my problem. I would be enternally grateful.

    :This reply is for ManiSingh from Sweetboy... Yeah, you can upload it NOW from Cydia, it just got released yesterday 15/08/08. All you need to do is install it to your iPhone then follow the registration instructions, could'nt be any easier. (You make up a username then add your E-Mail address then your password then you copy a security code then press send & just wait for a response, usually within 20secs).. and thats all there is to it. OK!! I hope i've helped you..
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