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Thread: Iphone video ringtones

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    Default Iphone video ringtones
    hi people i heard there is software that allows you to have video ringtones on you iphone. Like when someone calls you instead of the ringtone playing a video plays. Anyone heard of anything lile that? I heard from a friend that a guy has it . I cant wait to see if this guy shows me

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    Default fo rly?

    that would be awesome
    dude if u find out
    pm me the software

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    yeah is that for real?? anyone knows anything?!!???

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    Lets bring this one into existence...
    Im pretty sure that it doesn't exist yet, and I'm confused as to why there hasn't been much talk about making it happen. The iphone screen is perfect for a full screen music video to play every time someone calls.

    I think it would be possible, I used to do it on my old LG's by converting the videos to a format readable by the phone (.3g2 for those) Then I went into the filesystem and over-wrote a ringtone file with the video. The phone was tricked into thinking it was a regular ringtone, and they played flawlessly. Definitely makes ya wanna leave your phone on the table next to you at a party and wait for it to ring.

    So im thinkin...would it work to convert a small vid. clip to mpeg4, then overwrite a ringtone file in the filesystem with ssh, or maybe a photo that is set as a contact id? I wouldn't say that I am even CLOSE to skilled in Iphone filesystem I could be way off

    I might go and give it a try right now...Ill let ya know, but Im runnin 1.1.3 and regular ringtones are already enough of a b*tch to do..

    Anyone else have any ideas?

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    Drop an apple movie compatible file in the ringtones folder and see what happens. I'll try it tonight and see if it shows up in settings > ringtones.

    ^ I'm sure this won't work.

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    awsome, Im excited for results

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    Doesn't see mp4 files if they are in the ringtones folder.

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    Can you name them as mp3 or something and use a program on the iphone to rename them to mp4? Would that work or no?

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    Guys, what you need is the app. VideosTone !
    With this app you can select a video+ringtone and it will be automatically played when someone calls you!
    You can download it from installer. Hit me with questions if you have any!


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    got it all figured out and working does anyone know how long the trial version of MiVTones lasts?

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    AND "BAM" there's your answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToasterBoyOhFour View Post
    got it all figured out and working does anyone know how long the trial version of MiVTones lasts?
    The trial version will never go away...the thing is you can only have one video tone for all of your contacts. If you pay for the full version which is $20 you can assign different vtones for different people. The 1.1.4 version of this app was free.

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