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Thread: restore/backup my jailbreak

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    Default restore/backup my jailbreak
    does anyone know how to backup my ipod after a jailbreak? something that will save everything?

    I DLed everything off my ipod I could via ssh, but that is very tedious, esp since ive changed things so much already and am ready to do another backup

    is there an easier way? more automated hopefully or a way that takes less time (like can I skip certain folders?)

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    I found it out!
    this post was helpful:

    theres lots of files to backup:

    **when restoring, copy the file over and set permissions to 775**

    saved games/ Application Data
    /private/var/mobile/Applications/big long number/Documents
    Most of the time your data is in here, just one file. A .db (database) file or sometimes a file called "save"

    if you have any themes, for winterboard

    default Apps: (youtube, call history, webclips etc)
    /var/mobile/Library/ here too?
    relatively small directory, mine is 20mb

    NES Roms (if you have em):

    Cydia Apps

    Also, do any of your cydia applications dL things themselves? like dTunes or mxTube? if so you'll want to backup those files as well

    If I were you, I'd back up everything just in case. Then worry about finding the files you need when it comes time to restore, if you need to. (apparently Itunes backs up these files..but doesnt work a lot of the time for me so that's why I looked into this).

    Just make sure to skip your music directories: /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music and /var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music/
    you can skip your photos as well if you want: /var/mobile/Media/Photos and /private/var/mobile/Media/Photos
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    Let me get this straight, so if I do all that, and then have to do a restore on my phone, after I jailbreak again, this will restore all of my jailbroken features?

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