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Thread: Winterboard and Customize

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    Default Winterboard and Customize
    I read that they play nicely well...but they didnt for me. I tried installing a theme via Customize but when I hit the respring button it came back to the theme i had installed via Winterboard, reboot still showed the winterboard theme. How can I install the themes and wallpapers from Customize?

    If it's something I can fix via SSH please add a link on how to set up SSH I am computer saavy enough to learn how i just need a good how-to thread to kick it off for me. So far all of my installing/modding has been via the GUIs (Cydia, Customize, Winterboard, etc)

    Thanks in advance.

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    yup don't mix on my 3G also... it's one or they other when it comes to themes and wallpaper and docks... besides i can't seem to get the docks to work at all on the 3G like most other ppl

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    Literally JUST finished another update for winterboards, docks work fine after reboot, but customize still not playing nicely

    anyone have any success getting these 2 to play nicely?

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    They play nicely if you either use themes in winterboard that are missing the things you changed in customize, or if you manually remove those things yourself.

    Instructive example:
    1. Before winterboard came out, I used customize to install used eGlass_v3 and switch my phone to retro dialer; I was also using the HYOOJ-first-icon trick to have "wallpaper."

    2. Winterboard comes out, I know I can get real wallpaper, so I used SSH to make a folder in /Library/Themes for the "theme" I wanted and put nothing but Wallpaper.png in it.

    result: Theme via customize, wallpaper via winterboard, existing in perfect harmony. If you wanted similar functionality from a theme you downloaded, all you'd have to do would be to delete everything except the files you actually wanted to use.

    Note that this will probably be obsolete soon, since once saurik refines winterboard and puts a pretty frontend on it, there will be pretty much no need for any other customization tool.

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    customize doesn't work anymore, but winterboard does, well atleast for themes, I can still change icons and my battery image etc. with customize but nothing else works, I want certain themes and transformer sounds

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