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Thread: Anyone try Winterboard yet?

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    I hear you. I just want the panther theme back.

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    Noone has answered my question about changing the icons via customize after a theme has been applied via winterboard. I was to have my own icons over a wallpaper. Any suggestions?

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    Customize & WinterBoard have to be made to work together like SMB did.

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    Custom Icons are simple with photo show or even easier if you have and existing one you want to use. Now i wont go over best ways to make one in Photo Shop because there are guides online, but i will say how to get your ready made icon in a theme. (path to winter board themes in SSH is: library/themes) to add icons to an existing theme you open that themes folder, then copy-paste/drag-drop your icon into the icons folded inside the themes. Note the new icon must be named with the exact name of the app you want it to be used for. ex: for "Cydia" name it "Cydia.png" O and the icon must be a .png

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    Quote Originally Posted by pjw View Post
    I really dont care to have a theme, I just want to change the background on the spring board. I DL a couple themes and tried to change the wallpaper.png file but it isnt working. I deleted the one that is in the theme folder /library/themes but that isnt changing it for me. anyone have any idea on how to do it?
    I found the answer to my question. If any one else wants to know, when you put a wall paper png in it has to have a capital W so its Wallpaper.png
    I was only putting a lower case w in. all works great for me now.
    Hope this helps someone else.

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    I needed some help with this, it is kind of off topic but I got a theme and a icon template but I dont know how to extract the icon that is originally on the iphone and modify it to fit my theme

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    I have had a problem with the default theme. I tried installing it via Cydia, but it doesn't show up (and a few other themes don't show up either.) I tried adjusting the permissions via BossPrefs, but that didn't help.

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    u might need updated apps for theme to work it works on my 3g sweet no problems vist theme is nice

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    Default Winterspring Gone..
    Did The updates from last night make winterspring disappear for anyone else? I've tried reinstalling and rebooting but nothing i can figure out will bring the icon back.

    *EDIT* My bad, icon had changed with a theme [/dumbass]

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    Winterboard installed fine, i SSH'd some themes onto my phone and applied one, all it did was apply a bright red background to my phone. I think I'll give it a miss for a while
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrwarwick View Post
    I can't get winterboard to work. When I launch the app I don't see any themes. I have tried rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling themes and winterboard and I still don't see them.

    Any help would be great.
    Same here. Any help please???

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    im on 2.0.2 and all i get are some options like: saurik, use wallpapers... and stuff. nowhere do i see anything about themes.

    i basically have a stock, barely jailbroken iPhone. i dont see how i could have screwed it up already.


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    Quote Originally Posted by klouud View Post
    im on 2.0.2 and all i get are some options like: saurik, use wallpapers... and stuff. nowhere do i see anything about themes.

    i basically have a stock, barely jailbroken iPhone. i dont see how i could have screwed it up already.

    If you have Cydia then you can download tons of themes from there and then apply them afterwards by using Winterboard There are some on Installer too, but you have to add repos to the default settings to make it worthwhile.

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    winterboard SUCKS. why couldnt they have just kept summerboard, smb, installer etc. the way they were...perfect. ?

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    Winterboard works wonderfully.

    Summerboard, Installer etc still work - just stay on firmware 1.1.4 or below.

    Apple is making the changes, not the independent developers - we are just responding.
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    Anyone know when Saurik's Winterboard update for 2.1 is gonna show up on Cydia?

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    i believe it did last night.. however there are still a few issues that are being worked on.

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