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Thread: BossTool and Browser questions...

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    Default BossTool and Browser questions...
    Hey all!

    I just got done using the BossTool to move my apps to the larger partition to free up some space (I was at 92%).

    I just decided to take a look around to see what it did and I couldn't find my apps. They're there, I just can't find them.I I compared the post in the modding forum for moving the apps and the BossTool didn't seem to create a directory in the /var/root directory. I can't remember the Linux command to see the details of the Application link.

    Also, I'm kind of tired of clacking away in Term ("cd .." "ls" over and over). Is there another or better app for browsing than Squid, and if so, what is the source repo address?

    Something else wierd happened too. I'm not sure if its because of the BossTool or not though. I just noticed it. If I go to a website that let's me use a combo box (a drop down) a little red line appears in the bottom right corner and underneath some words if I have in landscape mode with button to the left. And its only when the button is to the left. Every other way is fine. Thoughts?

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    get iFinder (not sure if that is what it is called on the installer) it allows u to search all system files

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    Any ideas on the other stuff?

    iPhone 8GB 1.1.3 Jailbroken

    If I helped you out any, please Thank me!

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    i ran bosstool and lost some of my icons and also still cant get my ringtones to work the factory ones still work fine and for some reason my wallpaper doesnt show up on my main screen only in my unlock screen...anyone have any ideas
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