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Thread: [INFO] Applications & Games Report - Jan/08

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    I figured I would write a little list of programs that I currently use and maybe a small summary of what they do. For users who just modded their 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 iPhone and are looking for some apps.

    OK, so you just jailbroke your iPhone and have the installer icon. What's next? Where do you start? Below is a list of programs and games I suggest giving a try, and a couple to keep your eye out for coming soon.

    After jailbreaking the phone, the first thing I would suggest to do is download:

    Community Sources. This will populate your "install" list and will allow you do download many of the best programs, apps, and games. Without sources, installer is worthless. After community sources is downloaded, I would then suggest downloading:

    BSD Subsystem - You can download this by clicking Install --> System --> BSD Subsystem. These are Unix tools for the iPhone that allow a few of the nicer applications to work. After the download you will not see an icon on your main screen. Now you can go ahead and download:

    Open SSH Server & Client - Advanced Only - This will allow you to connect to your phone over your home network and copy, move, edit, etc to any files on your phone (if you do decide to do this, have a good understanding of what you are modding before you mod it.)

    OK, now you have three of the basics, lets get in to the more fun stuff. The next download you should make would be:

    Customize - Customize allows you to customize (imagine that). You can change your icon order, all images (Carrier Image, Wifi Image, and all icons), change your text on most annoucements (Slide to Unlock can be changed to something new). This also allows you to change your calculator skin, weather icons, weather background, and calculator LCD. All themes can be downloaded under the Installer application. Click Install --> Themes (Customize). Next I would suggest downloading:

    SummerBoard - SummerBoard allows you to change the theme of the iPhone itself, hide icon labels, dim the wallpaper, disable the wallpaper, and more. All themes can be downloaded under the Installer application. Click on Install --> Themes (Summerboard).

    Apollo IM - Program in short is your AIM, yahoo!, and ICQ instant messenger. Program works great and is the go to IM program right now. Simple and easy interface. You can download this under "Install --> Network --> Apollo".

    Labyrinth - Great game to show people how sweet a modded iPhone is. Just like the old school Labyrinth you control a ball around the maze and holes using the motion sensor on your iPhone. GREAT application even though you now have to pay for it. The demo levels are still great fun and provide for hours of enjoyment. Click on "Install --> Games --> Labyrinth".

    NES Emulator - Need I say more? You will have to put games on the phone using a program similar to "winscp405.exe". You will need to have the BSD Subsystem and Open SSH installed to run "winscp405.exe". Click on "Install --> Games --> NES"

    Sketches - Think of Sketches to be like an etch-a-sketch for your iPhone. You can draw pictures with variable width and colored lines. You can even draw on the pictures taken with your camera. The best feature of the program is just like the original - you must shake your phone to erase the drawing. Click on "Install --> Productivity --> Sketches"

    PDFViewer - Allows you to view PDFs on your iPhone. Read the readme to see where the PDFs have to be put to show up. You can download this app at "Install --> Utilities --> PDFViewer"

    ScreenShot - This app is just awesome. It allows you to take screenshots in most all programs or just on your desktop. It saves the files as jpgs and can be retrieved via iBricker or SSH. Click on "Install --> Utilies --> ScreenShot.

    Camera PRO - Application that makes your camera a little more sweeter. You can take B&W pictures, use a timer with your camera, take burst shots, change the size of your image, or use a digital zoom feature. The program is another pay program but allows some of the features to go untouched (such as B&W pictures). You may download this program at "Install --> Multimedia --> CameraPro"

    iBlackjack - This game is just awesome. It's your standard blackjack games with a few features you wouldn't expect for a small iPhone application. You double tap for a hit, sweep right for a hit, or sweep down for a double down. If you screen had the feeling of felt - you would swear you were really playing blackjack at a casino.

    LocateMe - Program uses triangulation from multiple cell phone towers to guesstimate your location. If you live in a huge city it should work nice, if not - it will most likly give you the location of the cell phone tower you get service from. Regardless it will give you the general area and if your lost - thats huge. Download the program by following "Install --> Utilities --> LocateMe"

    Squid - Allows you to search through your phones programs and files and change permissions on those files. VERY USEFUL application if you plan to add applications manually since sometimes the permissions crash the application. Again do not download this application unless you are advanced and know what you are doing. Download at "Install --> Productivity --> Squid"

    Those are the must haves I feel and below I am going to list some other programs I have. Feel free to add to the list and make the list even more comprehensive.

    Honorable mention: weTool, BlockPuzzle, Caissa, Garf, iPhysics, Marble, Open TTD (Transport), Othello, iDialer, MusicQuiz, SendPics, VoiceNotes, iSMS, Waves, KB2, DropCopy, iLevel, and iLog

    Push Thanks! if the post helped you out in understanding some of these programs!

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    what sources are these apps listed under??????

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