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Thread: Boss Tools 2.0 "already moved"?

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    Default Boss Tools 2.0 "already moved"?
    Sorry I searched quite a bit...

    Why does it say my apps and ringtones have already been moved?

    Did it do it on install?

    I was getting the "warning disk space" error but not after I installed boss tools 2.0 so I guess its all good?


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    I was kinda wondering the same thing when i downloaded it.... I am wondering if it was done during the pwnage process. Because, (and correct me if I am worng) you can build custom firmware and add as many apps as you want.

    I'm just guessing. Can someone confirm this please?

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    Yea I'd like to know too,

    I don't know if it pwnage does it automatically, If it did, why would my phone give me the "disk space" warning in the first place? That makes me think that it wasn't done already, but maybe it was done but the phone just gives that message by default at "X" mb's even if you have more space than the phone thinks you have....

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    I did some research, and pwnage does indeed do the move for you for Ringtones and Apps. Use BossTools for moving Fonts.

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    cool thanks, maybe my theory about the message is accurate then

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    Installing Cydia used to move everything, so I'd think that when Cydia is installed on your iPhone via Pwnage or Winpwn that everything would still be moved.

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    so then, I have a really dumb question.

    Being that I have pwned my phone, have cydia, and boss tools says the files have been moved, I obviously don't have to do anything more right? The files have obviously been relocated, correct?

    The only reason I ask is because I got that message apparently if things were already moved I maybe shouldn't have ever gotten that message

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    I think you might be running out of space.... Depending on how many apps you have downloaded.

    to test this... check disc space in BossPrefs before installing an app on cydia... then after installation, check disc space again. Compare two numbers.... mine keeps declining when i install an app.

    i guess 2.0 is MUCH larger in size than the older F/W. hence the larger partition size.
    hopefully Boss will have an answer for us.? (I'd even settle for someone who is smarter than me )

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    so i checked disk space in BossPrefs

    it said

    Free Space
    59M of 500M on /
    6.7G of 7.1G on /private/var

    I downloaded tap tap revenge from the app store then checked again.

    Same free space

    so than i deleted Mac Man, then checked again..

    Same free space

    so than I reinstalled Mac Man, then checked again...

    same free space
    59M of 500M on /
    6.7G of 7.1G on /private/var

    what does this mean?

    I'm gonna ssh into my phone tonight and just see exactly which directory the apps are in
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    Hi does anyone know if BossTools works for firmware 2.2 quickpwned?

    I only have

    59M of 500M on /

    when previously I had 90M of 500M on firmware 2.1

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    I used bosstool on my 2.2 2g phone. It only moves the fonts as stated above, but yeah, it does work.

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