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Thread: Iphone start up (White stripes)

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    Arrow Iphone start up (White stripes)
    Okay so I started to notice that when I turn off my iphone and plug it into the charger wait 5mins then pull it out and turn it back on these white flashing stripes appear along with the apple logo is this a serious thing?.

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    Do they stay there or do they go away? Are you allowing the phone to disconnect from your computer by clicking the disconnect button (nobody does this I know, but just a question). It probably freaking out for a second when the power is killed. haven't seen it on my iphone but I had a Motorola Q that did this and there were no issues with its functionality.
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    Yes I disconnect it properly I'm thinking it the apps that I downloaded could there be Viruses in the 3rd party apps?.

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    there was an app on the ste repo that is buggy for some, if double tap doesnt close it them you need to restore. or ssh/sftp in and delete, of course i forget which one it is now, i believe it was removed from his repo.

    the app is called waves, there was a new version released today that supposedly doesnt have that issue
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  5. #5 gave me bars, but then everything was normal. I didnt want to take that chance, you I uninstalled everything dealing with that app ASAP...

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    It happened to me shortly after trying to take a screenshot of the "slide to unlock" page.

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