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Thread: Iphone problem, snap/view

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    Default Iphone problem, snap/view
    Hey guys

    I've got a problem with my 1.1.2 OOB iPhone.

    It wont respond when i touch the screen. I have tried the different closing-methods but it just wont work. The springboard is intact, i see the icons, i can scroll to next page. But in the upper left corner i see "snap view". When i go into the different things, general settings, contacts - it wont respond to my actions? Not even the installer, it goes into installer, but when i press uninstall or any of the things in the buttom it wont do it. I suspect the screenshot-application for being the sinner. I have customize on it, and chose today to hide the screenshot logo.

    Can anyone help me?


    Okay, finally figured out the problem, case solved.
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    Unhappy Same problem!!!
    Hi kenny i have exactly the same issue.
    Apreciate a lot if you tell me what's going on & how can i fix it
    Thank you very much!

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    Cool iPhone ScreenShot Bugs
    Bug 1.

    White lines appear on the screen after a reboot with the screenshot application turned on.

    Bug 2.

    Home Screen Applications just open and sit there, Can’t do anything else with them, snap and view buttons still shows up.

    This is a Temp fix pending you have the following requirements.
    Activated, Jailbroken and Unlocked/ or beening used on a Cingular Network.
    OpenSSH, BSD Subsystem & Mobile Finder (settings are enable, this can be configured once the folders are renamed and the iPhone has been rebooted) installed on your iPhone.
    WiFi is enabled on the iPhone.
    WinSCP is installed on your PC.

    Mobile Finder may be able to rename the folders, if the Mobile Finder settings are enable.

    Once you iPhone is Turned on, use WinSCP or Mobile Finder to navigate to the following folders and rename them, remember or write down the folder names before you renamed them.


    Rename to LaunchDaemons_
    Rename to ScreenShot.app_
    Rename to screenshot_

    Once completed reboot the iPhone. (Warning after running this I could not use WinSCP to remote into my iPhone.)
    Use Mobile Finder to rename the folders back and uninstalled to remove the ScreenShot Application.
    Once more reboot the iPhone your dock application and WinSCP should be functioning correctly.
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    Here is another solution if you prefer. It has to do with Screenshot. Once I got rid of it, everything was back to normal.

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    Default can not change the name of LaunchDaemons folder
    I was having the same problem with blinking screen and ssh into iphone and changed the folder name and uninstalled the screen shot crap, and i lost the connection with winscp. Now i can not get into iphone to change the LaunchDaemons folder to connect with ssh. ALready tried with mobile finder and it does not see the whole root structure. Any suggestions?

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