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Thread: quake4iphone help changing controls

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    Default quake4iphone help changing controls
    Ok Is there someone that can help with the controls.
    I'm trying to figure out how to add a menu button or a back button. i went in to the settings to turn the volume down and had no way to ge back out.
    In the Config.cfg file these three comands are for the top three buttons.
    bind "ALT" "centerview"
    bind "CTRL" "pause"
    bind "SHIFT" "+speed"

    BY changing the "+speed" to "impulse 10" you can toggle threw your weapons.
    if you change "pause" to "togglemenu" it sends you back to the main menu.

    bind "ALT" "centerview"
    bind "CTRL" "pause"
    bind "SHIFT" "+speed"

    to get the game to start up with no sound as a default change these settings
    bgmvolume "0.000000"
    volume "0.000000"
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    Thank you very much for this. I changed my setting so alt is switch weapons and shift is save game.
    Hopefully this game will get updated and add a new button to the top for more options.

    Also you know how it gives you the option to play with different settings in the beginning. I cant figure out how to actually pick different settings.

    NOW I CAN SAVE!!!!!!

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    Yes I can confirms this method works! You can use Text Edit on a mac to modify the config file. I prefer to use similar settings to Persichini. I can toggle through weapons, save a game, and load a saved game......imagine the potential!

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    I've been playing around with the different combinations of button the centerview... hardly ever works... but accourding to zodttd blog you can view up or down inbetween the directional pad and the firer button... we shall see
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