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Thread: Customize? Summerboard? iSwitcher?

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    Default Customize? Summerboard? iSwitcher?
    Finally broke down and did the jailbreak thing (thank you, lackluster Apple update!). Now, I'm trying to figure out what I need to install first in order to get scrolling or panes in Springboard so I'll be able to access all of those wonderful soon-to-be-newly-installed apps.

    Customize? Summerboard? iSwitcher? Something else?

    My firmware version is 1.1.1. Is there any chance that Springboard scrolling (or panes) is already there? I've read that Summerboard is suspected of causing freezes for some people. Have any of you found this to be true? And, if so, would one of the other apps mentioned be more stable and still provide the scrolling/panes function?

    You folks clearly know a LOT more about this stuff than I do so I'm askin' - which apps do you like and use?


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    Summerboard lets you scroll to different pages, just make sure you turn off dim wallpaper feature and you should be found. Just look around this site for more info on all of the apps...

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    Thanks! I actually have been poking around here for a while...which I think at least partly explains my confusion

    Before, I thought I'd just assumed I'd be installing Summerboard because it seemed like the default choice. Now, having read so much about the various apps, my poor brain is, frankly, swimming.

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    customize is a really nice app too. you can use it for modifying a lot of the different graphics on your phone as well as reorder/hide your apps. i'd definitely recommend installing that as well.
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