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Thread: Phone Is Bugging Out! Need Help! Please Reply Asap

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    Default Phone Is Bugging Out! Need Help! Please Reply Asap
    My phone is absolutly freaking out. I went into installer and installed an update for "sketches" and the phone froze right after the download completed. I did a reboot by holding down both buttons and now it boots to the stock theme, not my modded theme, but it has my custom battery and edge and carrier symbols still. It even still has the 5 icon dock. Once it starts, it's immediately frozen and i can't do anything. After ten seconds the circular thing starts spinning and the apple comes up and the phone reboots itself. It was happening over and over again for 20 minutes or so. Now, once the phone is on, it starts the restart process with the spinning thing and refreshes back to the main screen with my apps. Its been doing the same thing now for 30 or 40 minutes. I plugged it in to the computer and it continued, while itunes fails to recognize it. Idemocracy is not recognizing it either. The battery is at 20 percent now so maybe it will die and work again later?
    I don't know. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Im running firmware 1.1.2
    The only thing i did before i occured was installed the previously mentioned update for sketches and i installed a game, Domino.
    It's nicely modded and filled with data and 3rd party apps but has at least 800 mb free i believe. I haven't done an unlock on the phone either so I use ATT. I'm freaking out! HELP ME! Save my phone and i'll owe you BIG TIME

    Now i noticed while its at my main screen for those 30 seconds, it shows the wrong time. It says it's 8:30 a.m. but it's actually 1 a.m. here. It's been like 3 hours now. I'm freaking out. I was thinking of putting it in recovery mode and using ibricker to boot it back to normal mode. I believe i brickr would do that but i'm not sure... How do you get out of recovery mode without restoring your phone b/c that isn't really a possibility for me. I have to much data that isn't backed up.

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    Well 2 things....
    a) ibrickr will take it out of recovery so no worries there
    b) the data you have backed up is worthless if you cant use your phone, am I right? Sounds like if you are unable to do anything you need to do a restore. Your problems will most likely not fix by draining the battery. It is possible that you got some sort of virus or malware as people are doing this through the installer (untrustworthy sources) to screw with the modding community. I recommend restoring the phone and backing it up from now on in case something like this ever happens again!

    I suppose you can also attempt to SSH into the thing while its on (unless you had it set to off) and try to delete anything that you installed. if you don;t know what you are doing here I wouldn;t even attempt this)

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