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Thread: Advanced Preferences App

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    I think this app nuked all of my alarms too. I've also had some random sluggishness since I intalled it. I'm having no luck uninstalling either.

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    Default Zman-iphone blank settings
    I had same issue with BlackWolf's extended preferences app. If other post did not fix try this. You need to use a program called WinSCP (for windows computer, not sure what same program for Mac is) and go into your and right click on each line item and select properties and you should see a number (mine was 0644). You need to change this number to 0755 for each line item and your settings will be there.

    Here is a link to another thread that discusses this in much more detail for you:

    It starts out talking about ipod but also goes into iphone.

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    i'm using an unlocked 1.1.2, my was moved somehow into var/root/library, i've been ssh'ing with cyberduck to replace the original file into its proper directory and havent been able to, cyberduck keeps giving me errors more then half way into the copy, finally got the icon to appear on my screen but now when i go into it, its blank then crashes, any tips, ideas opinions will be greatly appreciated Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dallasnights View Post
    Can you please report preference standard for 1.1.2 the link you provided does not work, thannks

    Please re-check. Broken link fixed.

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    Alright...get this. This beats all of your Advanced Preferences miseries. I went into it and went down to the "Touch" portion, not knowing what it does. I have a JB 1.1.3 w/ installer3 [which is still highly shakey from the new disc portionings.]

    Anywoo, I altered the touch levels just to see what would happen. Then, unknowingly, I uninstalled the App in a jiffy. I restarted my phone, and whole "Touch" is off. Like, I'll press my phone in one spot, and it'llr ead like it's being touched half an inch higher. It's disgusting. I'm going insane. I tried reinstalling this blasted app but my installer is being a little girl.


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    I installed this.. i don't get a few thing. What's the purpose of the fake time? And also.. what is "app reveal", "ipod dock" and why are the "sounds" and "speakers" greyed out? I definitely like the battery being a number instead of a bar.

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    Hi, yeah got a question too about the advanced preferences.
    What is LogPower? what is it for/how to use?

    as for fake time, my guess, is its like Erica's app, Make it changes the carrier logo to custom of your choosing. so u can put custom message such as ur name.
    app reveal seems to be like Poof app. it makes my youtube & itunes store icons disappear.
    ipod dock, makes the ipod dock change, I guess like the one on the touch.
    cloaking hides the bars & carrier logo.
    wifi/battery levels as numbers kinda cool. the wifi is weird, my says 52 at full. ??

    but... whats the logpower? at the settings page. ??

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