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Thread: Very Important Someone Please Reply!

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    Default Very Important Someone Please Reply!
    ok so, here is the problem!
    i downloaded a bunch of apps;
    & then i changed stuff with the summerboard & custom
    and ofcourse, everything was working great,
    then i realzied when i was changing my icon order thru the custom that i left out my camera, so i went back and was like hmm & me being the stupid one i am i clicked in the custom a button at the very top right hand corner which was like an eye i think.. and then i went back home and my custom, summboard and some other apps disappeared (i had 2 pgs of apps, now i have 1) so i started panic-ing and i deleted the apps (summerboard & custom).. but nothing happened, it never went away.. like the changes i made.. so then i went to reset my ipod.. and it still never went away.. so i really don't know what to do now! i was thinking of restoring it, thru itunes.. but see i live in toronto & i got my phone from the states.. so if i click restore would that change some unlocking thing they did and meaning i would have to go back to get it re-unlocked again? someone please heeeelp! im gonna actually cry.

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    when in custon and you clicked on that eye, make sure when you scrol down the list of apps that the apps you want displaying also have the eye present, just click on the apps name and the eye symbol should appear next too its name, this eye means you will be able too see the app. eye missing means its hidden, givet hat a go and post your results.

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    Wink Do you still have Customize on your phone?
    Do you still have Customize on your phone? Can you get back into Customize? If you can....go back to "icon display order," "manual reorder," then hit the upper right hand corner where the "eye" is......that will let you either to hide or unhide the icons on your home screen.

    Hope that helps.

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    ok well, i restored my phone because im an idiot, then i got it unlocked again. and everything is working great, i hope. except my wifii wont work now.. it says its connected but its actually not.. like it says cant find server. but my dad also has an iphone and he never installed anything on his from apps or restored, so his is in perfect condition and his wifii doesnt work i think its just with the router connection not the phone, so i`ll try tomorrow at school to work it. but now im wondering, because i resetted my phone then i restored it.. i was reading somewhere in the forums that resetting your phone can mess up the installer.. but then i restored, so do you guys think my installer will be messed up? thankss

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