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Thread: HOWTO: Create a 'Stock' springboard with Categories

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    Default HOWTO: Create a 'Stock' springboard with Categories
    Hi guys, don't know if this is really known or not, so I thought that I would post this up

    There will be a video of the outcome up very soon

    Preface: This 'mod' or 'hack' was really just an idea for fun at the time. I wanted to clean up my springboard, as that is the purpose of categories, but I wanted to take it one step further. By using the same icon and name of a stock app, I was able to make it appear that the app was there, when it really is only a category folder.

    To start off, this works 100% for me on OOTB 1.1.2 Jailbroken iPhone. Please proceed at your OWN risk

    Needed: (add to sources) (Latest revision is 1.52 at the time of this post)
    iTunes Music store icon OR WinSCP

    Takes about 5-10 minutes

    1: Install Categories if you have not already, and create your categories accordingly.
    2: Make sure that the option to hide apps is turned on.
    3: Use to navigate to /Applications/ and copy the icon.png to /Applications/ (I renamed it to iTunes0.png for the sake of updates)
    3A: If you don't want to use finder, do the same as the above w/ WinSCP or its' equivalent.
    4: Create a NEW category titled 'iTunes'
    5: The icon that you copied over earlier should now be available for selection.
    6: Now add the other categories into the 'iTunes' category. They will be listed under the apps list.
    7: Either add the mobilestore (that's what the iTunes Wi-Fi store shows up as in categories) to a category, or use customize to hide it.
    7: Restart the springboard and your done!

    NOTE: You can use this in place of ANY app that you don't really use. This can also be done for multiple apps. IE: If you don't use Stocks, Calendar and Notes, then you could hide them, copy their icons into the categories icon folder and then create 3 fake Stocks, Calendar and Notes apps.

    The reason that I used the iTunes Music Store is that I don't use that app ever, and that it also happened to be last.

    Also, this doesn't support summerboard themes as of yet. I'm working for a way to do this, however it may involve some linking, which, I don't really want to do...
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    Pretty interesting idea. You have a jailbreaked phone with icons hidden that you could perhaps even pass off with an Apple store genius
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    This really isn't anything new; I was doing this months ago with Greg Meach's Launchers App, which I used to launch the several "Preferences" apps on the iPhone (stock Prefs, SMBPrefs, Customize, et. al)

    Truth be told, I don't think people really need a "walk thru" or a video for this. It's pretty common-sense. All you're doing is creating a fake folder, naming it to something that's stock on the iPhone (so that Spring/Summerboard displays that name), and using the stock icon from whatever. It's not rocket science.

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