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Thread: SMS w/landscape keyboard???

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    Default SMS w/landscape keyboard???
    i've seen a number of apps that help manage SMS, and allow for extra options like deleting individual messages, etc. My question is do any of them allow for typing messages with the landscape keyboard? i've never seen this feature talked about in regard to these programs, and i was wondering what other peoples experiences with them have been. I have noticed that Textedit allows for landscape typing and thats fantastic. i'd love to know if there's any other programs that support this feature (besides safari obviously). thanks in advance

    EDIT: its not Textedit, i was mistaken. its Frotz, while playing zork. posted below.
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    yeah, i made a topic about this, but no one seemed to answer?

    i second the thought of updating iSMS or SMSD to have landscape keyboard!

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    I third that thought! I love the landscape mode, and i think it's alot easyer to write with the iPhone when in landscape mode.

    Gogo programmers / hackers!

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    Is it that time of the month again?

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    definately want that!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by umairali View Post
    yeah, i made a topic about this, but no one seemed to answer?

    i second the thought of updating iSMS or SMSD to have landscape keyboard!
    so i assume then that isms and smsd do not support landscape. i hope the dev's of those prog's hook up with the dev's of mobile textedit, because they have pulled it off apparently. if we had a good/easy way to copy and paste, i would use text edit to type it up and move it over to an sms app. *sigh* two huge apple errors making each other even worse.

    Quote Originally Posted by sogo View Post
    Is it that time of the month again?
    people must bring this up a lot. i shoulda searched first. sorry

    so does anyone know of ANY other programs that allow for landscape typing??????? seems weird that one person figured out how to implement it, but no one else has...
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    Forget about sms forwarding or individual erase! THIS would make a ot of us switch to a different SMS application!!

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    yea this is summat that would make me switch sms apps instantly!

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    what program is textfile ?

    cause if we can find out how they implemented it maybe we can make it so the sms app calls on that function ... yeah Im shocked that no one has really messed with this..

    I would be more then glad to get together with a few people to work on this .. anyone up for the task ??

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    i would but i have no idea how to code

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    yeaa this would be so awesdome

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    Anyone have any ideas on this at all?

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    upon further investigation i realized that moible text edit ISN'T the app the allows for landscape keyboard. it only allows for portrait mode (forget typing a long text Doc with textedit....). But, the app that DOES allow for landscape typing is Frotz. when i play the interactive text based game, Zork, in Frotz, it allows for landscape typing (makes for a much more enjoyable gaming experience). Sorry for the confusion.

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    yes guys lets keep pushing the developers to create this handy app ..that everyone is waiting the arival for ...let does this people....i kno u can!!

    c'mon ur thang!

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    Im thinkin that this is do-able...

    Cause if we can find out what instructions the phone calls on when its tipped over in a app that uses that command... we could then Put together yet another sms app that calls on that when you tip the phone over ... then we would have landscape huh .. .

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    i deifinately think this is needed as well...texting is used as much as calling for most poeple. the landscape mode allows for smooth fast typing.....

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    bump double bump!

    i know this topic comes up often, and that maybe the dev's are tired of hearing it. i know they don't really want to rip into the built-in apps because of the amount of work that might be involved... but maybe in completely new/original apps this could be implemented easier? if someone could figure this out, it could benefit a bunch of different programs/programmers. swirly mms, mobile text edit, apollo, notes progs, email progs etc. etc. we need landscape keyboard in all sorts of apps.
    Come on Apple; safari and thats it??? that doesn't even make sense. thank god for all of you hackers and hobby programmers/Dev's. you know who you are, we know who you are, heck, even apple knows who you are. you guys have been our saviors many times thus far, and i know someone will eventually get to this one to. but, i wonder if apple will get to it first... HAHAha... yeah prolly not...

    ALSO; here's a little something cool:
    mobilewebdocs is an iPhone web app (i know, not as cool or useful as native but still!) that allows for a user to keep web based documents and folders in a virtual desktop environment, and install other web based apps within this shell, if you so desire, including one that lets you send FREE sms to anyone (even international) although i didn't ACTUALLY try that yet, so i don't know if its really useful or not, BUT (and here comes whole point: drum role please!) it allows you to do ALL of this in landscape if you so desire and accomplishes this task quite easily because it all takes place in safari of course. it does require registration, but i tested it, and it was quite painless; it took no more than 30 seconds, and it didn't even require confirmation via email. i quickly wrote a document (IN LANDSCAPE) and saved it, and then found it on my "desktop". worked quite well, and would probably load fairly easy even using Edge (though i was using wifi). seems very cool at least for taking longwinded notes down, which then can be easily grabbed from any desktop with web access via the same website on a desktop. cool stuff!
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    purple monkey

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    mobilechat just got rls'ed with a brand new landscape typing mode.

    ask shaun how he did it!
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    HELLZ YEAH!! landscape keyboard in mobile chat???? good bye apollo! this is bigger news than 1.1.4 thats for sure. check this link:

    okay smsd!! your turn!!

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