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Thread: Help me fix my iphone PLEASE

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    Default Help me fix my iphone PLEASE
    I was useing adding new sources, i just added a repo source when i found that my iphone was acting very weird, it restarted itself, now its VERY VERY slow, i press a button and it dosnt respond, i could take a minute! the theme does not load or edge or wifi symbols!

    the iphone will keep trying to refresh itself but then freezes at the end. it will respond after this for a few seconds normally, then it will go back to being extremly slow and not working!

    is my only option to do a restore?? will i have to unlock and do installer again?


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    You probably need to restore. You never need to unlock again. You just restore and jailbreak. Running anysim again will either just fail or it will bork your phone.
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    i agree with big boss. sounds to me like a restore is in order. stick to FW v1.1.1 for a bit. see how that runs as it seems to be a bit more reliable.
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    This may be obvious, but did you shut down and restart the phone? Might as well.


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    Yep i tried everything, nothing worked.

    I just finished the restore, everything works fine now, wifi and youtube are working and all looks good. I was a bit hesitant about doing it as my apple wire is very dodgy, i literally have to hold and push it in place and not move else the iPhone disconects, my figers were hurting after lol

    the most annoying thing about it is now i have no contact, i dont spose theres a way of getting them back? there no backup file of any sort stored on the iphone? fat chance i know

    edit: 4get that, i just sync'd with itunes, evrthing back now from backup, im loving mr jobs right now
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