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Thread: A Brand New Year with a BIG SURPRISE!

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    Default A Brand New Year with a BIG SURPRISE!
    So it's the day when we all usually gather up and start to host a party or some sort of celebration for the New Year of 2008. Most of you in this forum community probably familiarized yourself with the new application produced to work on the IPod Touch and possibly for the IPhone as well. The Application will be out to the public on New Years though for people in the US are going to get it in an hour or so away. Information can be found at and individual websites are hosted for those who read a different language other than English.

    The Touch Mods teamed up to create an application that would connect you to your SIP Provider and from then on you are capable of using the IPod Touch as a phone. Now some things we would like to know before most people ask if the calling from the IPod Touch is free.

    -The Application lets you connect to a SIP Provider that you have chose to use and I am currently going to use FreeCall's VOIP Service as the Touch Mods Team is testing it with the same SIP Provider.
    -Yes, it's free BUT for a limited amount of minutes. I've tested it yesterday and not even in a whole day I've found out I was only entitled to use this much:

    00:00:07 FREE!
    00:00:06 FREE!
    00:00:09 FREE!
    00:00:07 FREE!
    00:00:05 FREE!
    00:00:15 FREE!
    00:00:16 FREE!
    00:01:59 FREE!
    00:00:09 FREE!
    00:00:28 FREE!

    Note: All these duration timings are made on and only on December 30, 2007.

    Now some things you should know. I've only called several times to a few numbers and then it said I needed to buy credits when it said I've reached the maximum trial free calls. So that means I'm not sure about FreeCall's 300 Minutes per week thing works. Maybe this will be tested out again soon and somebody will let us know the maximum minutes of free calls we can get.

    -It comes out on New Years Eve if you are probably living in the US. I live in California and on it has the countdown down to just an hour and so left until they release it.
    -I think they are selling their mics for anything above Eu 29.90 but according to the Touch Mods Team it's a pre-pay price for everyone? Not entirely sure about this but I know I'm one of those 500 people who've requested a mic from them for sale.
    -I am going to either use FreeCall's Service which is $10 dollars for either 60 days of unlimited calling or $10 dollars for 90 Days of free calls. I think the second option is a better deal but I still am trying to see if mobile users that uses T-Mobile or such are going to get their minutes deducted from FreeCall's Service. I'm currently going to try out the free trial calls they entitled us to on a new account and call my girlfriend and leave it on for about 5 minutes or less to see if her minutes get deducted when she is able to see her monthly bills.

    Sorry all these are so long and detailed but I want to let people be sure what their getting in terms of this new Application for the IPod Touch. Right now I have no IPod Touch but might get one soon if my test runs works and the outcome is how I want it to be. As soon as I have my tests done, I will provide you all with more information about FreeCall's Services. Other SIP Providers I will not have results on but you can test them and send results to my email or PM me your results on using SIP Providers like or I thank you all for viewing my thread and I hope you all have a great New Years Celebration!

    Tony M. Pham
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