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Thread: iRadio Donations...There's a problem here!

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    Default iRadio Donations...There's a problem here!
    I would like to share something for those who are interested in donating (or have already donated) for the wonderful program iRadio.

    In a nutshell, I hit the 'already donated' button accidentally, but love iRadio and use it every day. I wanted to donate so I emailed the address on the info page to inqure as to how I can donate for his time and efforts bringing us this awesome app. Here is his email reply:


    Note: there is no box inside of iRadio that shows that iRadio belongs to Conceited Software.
    It clearly shows (C) belonging to Subband Technologies and shows my website

    I tried to address this with Conceited Software, but they aren't willing to cooperate and I am not really
    ready to go into any legal battle with them about it. So, for now, this is how it is. I may add a clickable
    button in About (Info) box in iRadio that will collect donations directly.

    If you feel like donating, Matt, you can just purchase a copy of OSS 3D for OS X. This part of the software
    is actually used in iRadio to enhance audio quality."

    To me, this is an incredible travesty as I believe the people who actually work hard to create the software should be recieving the donations we give. I donate because I love the software, look foward to new versions, and know that my iPhone would SUCK without these native apps. Yeah, $30 is a bit more than I was going to donate for iRadio I will admit, but at least now I know its going right to the DEVELOPERS and not Conceited Software.

    For those who love the program, read another email he sent me:


    new version is coming... I am working on it. I've been working on finishing up OSS 3D for box product
    which will go into Apple stores through ProSoft. So, that's why development of iradio sort of slowed down
    a bit (MacWorld time ya know). After it ships I will have a little more time to fix bugs. I've already added OGG
    streaming for icecast2 support.


    I dont feel like its such a waste after all.

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    A couple of notes:

    1) That is GREAT news from Dmitry regarding the upcoming update to iRadio. Icecast streaming will be terrific. (I'm hopeful to see bookmarked streams one of these days as well!)

    2) As for the donation issue, I'm not clear. Are you saying that Conceited software (the folks who somehow prep applications for Installer) is collecting donations for iRadio and not passing them along to Dmitry? Is this standard operating procedure for Conceited? Generally, do the independent iPhone developers out there condone this unusual circumstance?



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    If its true, thats lame.

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    thread moved!

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    Yes...from what Dmitri said, Conceited was collecting donations that belonged to him. How terrible!

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