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Thread: Charging Money for "Illegal" Software

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    Default Charging Money for "Illegal" Software
    ok so its really starting to get my goat, all these people coding for the installer and everything are doing it for free... no one is paying them to do it as a full time job, they are running off donations and all that, then some ****** bag codes programs to run on what these kind individuals have created and starts charging money for it... I'm a little new to the iPhone hacking community but i have been a member of the PSP Custom Firmware and App community and everything anyone ever did was free with a donate button... no adds no pay to play, just FREE! because it was hackers coding for power users... With the advent of the App store im hearing more and more of people being like this app shouldn't be free or i would pay 5-10 bux for this app or im gunna charge for this app... that needs to stop, it doesn't take anything but time to code for Installer and Cydia, but everyone has taken on such a entitlement attitude about coding for something that all the coders forget that they are working on a free platform and that we are looking for freedom, not fees when we turn to the Jailbreaking community...

    just remember your roots guys... things like Cate are great programs and the guys that made them should be donated to, but charging for programs just makes you look bad, Remember how you got to where you are... and remember the iPhone Dev Team that let you do what you do...

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    Wrong. Forum. Moved.

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    It's always great when some 1-post-wonder turns up telling the rest of us how we should behave.
    To live, you have to lie

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    Quote Originally Posted by redcard View Post
    It's always great when some 1-post-wonder turns up telling the rest of us how we should behave.
    1-post-wonder - Haha! That's hilarious.

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    If you don't wanna get charged, then don't buy the apps that cost money. No one is forcing you to spend the money and there are plenty of free apps to keep you busy.

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    Ya I'm with posiedon get over it and code the prgrams yourslef then

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    2 post wonder thank you! well 3 now, just because i don't post doesn't mean i don't lurk around It is just my opinion but it sorta angers me, i know if ya don't wanna pay don't expect code, and im totally down to donate for a useful program... but this community (the entire iPhone community that is) on one team, building a completely free way to hack into the iPhone, what if it cost 100 bux to get the software to jailbreak your phone? do you think that as many people would jailbreak and/or code for it?

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    So if I really use app and I need it, I pay for it.Doesn't matter $15 or $30. I want use legal app and get all updates.

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    im talking 3rd party apps not App Store apps... app store people already sold out to apple so whatever they can do as they like... (this doesn't include the AMAZING free app creators that payed 100 bux so that we could have free apps... those people need a round of applause)

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