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    Im trying to give my computer 1 specific ip address so i can alwayse connect with touchpad pro. i had to open ports in my router so my computer can connect through my router to touchpad pro. but every time i close my macbook, then reopen it gives my computer a different ip address. so i have to go back into my router and change the ip address for the open ports.

    Is there a way to make my computer connect to my router with just the same ip address every time?

    I really like touchpad pro and want to purchas the full version but i hate having to configure my router to my macbook every time.

    thanks in advanced

    Mr B

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    You might try the appropriate forum which would be 3rd party programs. This is for appstore programs only and touchpad pro is not an appstore program

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    excuse the hell out of me, but im pretty sure this is iphone/ipod APP discussion.

    i may not be editing the app itself, but it has to do with this particular app, along with the fact that more than 70% of MMI members check this forum out more often the rest. thought i would get a better/quicker response.

    Oh, and if your not a MOD, shut the hell up. you are talking as if you run this place.......
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    No you are in the wrong forum, and a jerk to boot. This is the appstore forum where we ask questions about apps you install via the appstore in Itunes. If you want to ask questions about touchpad pro which is not an appstore apps then you should have posted in the 3rd party apps forum here at mmi so you can get an answer to your question. Really, you should apologize for your ignorance.

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