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Thread: Help with NES emulator "No SOUND"...grrrrr

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    Default Help with NES emulator "No SOUND"...grrrrr
    installed the Nes emulator NESapp-0.29.tar.tar

    nes roms show up, and nothing appears wrong. most roms work.

    no sound though.
    did create a .profile file with the following info
    # Aliases
    alias pico='pico -w'
    alias rm='rm -i'
    alias ssh='ssh2'
    alias nosound="launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/coreaudiod.plist"
    alias sound="launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/coreaudiod.plist"

    # User specific environment

    downloaded the bin packade and extracted it into /bin
    set permission to 0775

    nosound and sound does not work in terminal.

    anyone got it to work, please step by step me.....


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    you did something wrong somewhere along the line or did not set permissions to all bin kit files correctly

    when you goto mobileterminal and type "alias" what shows up?

    how did you create your .profile file?

    read this thread from start to finish ~> ...all info you need should be found in that thread
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    when I type "alias" nothing happens. Just a new line.

    Created the text file.txt went to dos "rename file.txt .profile"

    Bin commands such as "kill" and "pico" works
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    i created my .profile w/ winscp by right clicking

    also set permissions by right clicking, properties

    installed bin kit/permissions w/ winscp

    bin kit is installed in to more folders than just /bin

    i installed bin kit and had to set permissions to 775 on all files in /bin because when i started mobileterminal after installing bin kit it said "login permission denied"

    hope this helps

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    where else to install the bin kit? same files in some other directory as well!?

    Cannot create or delete files with winscp, transfered it with winscp though

    What files do i need?
    where should i put them?
    what permissions should they have?

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    if you d/l bin kit from iphone.natetrue and extract it then it should be obvious where to install files to because they are in the same folder as if they were on the iphone


    or try ~> ...copy folder to /Applications ...set permissions on all files to 775, install bin kit w/ Installer and you should be good to go

    hope this helps

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    so do i need to go through that guide on is that what you are trying to say?

    or bin kit with installer? please clarify...

    currently i have seen 3 versions
    1. go thoguht the guide to install bin kit
    2. from mobmyiphone download gallery, says "jus put in /bin"
    3 . bin kit from and just extrct to the phone

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    pm sent

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    downloaded some kind of bin kit from this page's download section. on that installation note it said put it anywhere on the root. i put it in /bin

    bin command works, if i write "cat .profile" i get the message ""No such file or directory" my .profile file is in "/var/root"

    anyone have a workin .profile file that can send to me? also location of the file.... send to [email protected]

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    bump, i have the same prob but with snes
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