Hello everyone. Having a few issues here.

I have a jailbroken iPod Touch. (Doesn't matter in this case.) But there was a point where the applications Weather, Maps, and Stock freeze and exit, causing the iPod to "respring." I have a theory of why this is.
Editing the SummerBoard themes on my MacBook by SSHing into the iPod. In this case, I did NOT go near these applications or their strings.

I need help. Is there someway I can get these applications to work minus the restore? I don't want to have to restore my iPod and manually download the four pages worth of Jailbroken apps, as well as sources.

Are there backups (Original Apps) Of these three applications in which I can download, SSH into, and get my apps back?

If anyone can help me, I appreciate it, and thank you in advance.

And also, if you need screenshots of what it looks like when I open Weather, Maps or Stock, please let me know.