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  • Apollo IM

    4 3.67%
  • MobileChat

    11 10.09%
  • fring

    17 15.60%
  • AgileMessenger

    71 65.14%
  • BeeJive

    6 5.50%
  • Meebo

    0 0%
  • FlickIM

    0 0%
  • Tinybuddy IM

    0 0%
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Thread: Apollo IM vs MobileChat vs fring vs AgileMessenger vs WebApp

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    Default Apollo IM vs MobileChat vs fring vs AgileMessenger vs WebApp
    The four instant messenger applications and the WebApps have their pros and cons.

    So which one is the best? Also, if you could, please reply with your votes for:

    Longest time running in the background:
    Most Stable:
    Most Features:
    Most Elegant:
    Runs the smoothest:
    Shortest time to do stuff like sign-on or send/receive:
    Least amount of bugs:
    Most amount of bugs:

    While I believe MobileChat to be the most Apple-like and Apollo IM to be the nicest looking...they barely run in the background.

    Also, I found that AgileMessenger is perfect in the background...but after a while, the messages that I start sending/receiving are blank (well, they're not, but they show up as blank.

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    I think fring is the best for running in the background. Fring stays connected even on edge and sleep button is pressed. One major issue tho is fring only supports a certain amount of buddies on your im list so anymore and they wont show up on the buddy list on fring.

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    Fring for me.

    I haven't used any of the other IM apps - just read about them. (Kind of averse to installing apps then unistalling - one more chance for an f up.) But, since I don't use MSN, Yahoo, AIM nor GoogeTalk, all I needed was Skype. Cool.

    Fring is also a SIP client (yay! one less program) and with my Gizmo settings added in Fring and it running in the background, flip over to Safari and use grandcentral and call anyone in America for FREE from my living room in Berlin...FTW! btw.

    Fring/Gizmo/grandcentral how-to-do:

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    AgileMessenger, no doubt!

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    agile does not stay connected over edge in the background. fring does with ease.

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    i think agile is the best with the menus and all but dont leave it in the background overnight or it will drain your battery for sure.
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    agile is mint. I use insomnia to keep the wifi open. new version runs in background. no skype tho

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    Haven't used it much, but agile seems to stay connected just fine over EDGE in the background. I'm not sure what this will do to the battery life though. It was even able to transition seamlessly between WiFi and EDGE the one time that I tried it. It can definitely replace SMS between two iPhone users...

    I also tried fring for a little while, but it did not make any notification sound or even vibrate when a message was recieved. I couldn't find anywhere to enable notifications either. Agile wins hands down (for instant messaging).

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    is it just me or does agile take forever to sign in no joke up to minutes I mean. Mobilechat is what I use but it disconnects slot even on wifi when its on the background

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    Guys Agile Msger rocks. Just tried the send pic function for MSN msger and it works very well

    But I've also discovered another thing. I can use Fring to "call" and talk to my contacts on MSN msger.

    Hence I use both :P

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    Agile FTW! \o/
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    is aim the only chat app available

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    Tried all... Mobilechat and Apollo always crashed. Agile over fring for me. Only issue is AM keeps giving me an 'aol system message, logged in more than one location.'

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    when will Agile messenger be added to the App store?

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    agile messenger hands down. i used to always use fring. but now i default to agile messenger and use fring as a back up if agile ever acts up, which i hope won't happen :P

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    Mobilechat = landscape chat
    Agile = nice interface, but I'm sure we will find a "buy now" button in it pretty soon
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    how are messages charged on Agile? Thru text or data?

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    agile messenger hands down is the best in all areas for me. but im afraid ill have to agree with Adamos that it most likely will end up having to be bought soon or later

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    I like fring - runs in background, supports yahoo (chat only), google, skype, MSN (voice call and chat). However, no voice calls on edge (would be great if it did :-) )

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    do any of these messengers provide chat conferencing for yahoo messenger?

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