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Thread: What application is this?

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    Default What application is this?
    Edit: Fixed it, ignore this post.
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    thats Dock. It saves pics to Photos under camera roll on the iPhone.

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    Sucks that i don't have camera roll, only photos. Do you know the location of said camera roll?

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    It's under photos on homescreen...saves to same place as your camera would....take a snap and see for yourself

    iPhone4Life! and apple tatoos are awesome

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    Well, all i see are the photos i put on there through iTunes. And my itouch is listing 50 photos in "About" when i can only see 24. So im assuming its not saving to where my photos are located. But if you could tell me how to get to Dock's its saving folder with winSCP that would be fine.

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    camera roll is only on the iphone.. itouch doesnt have a camera so no camera roll

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    Well im assuming the application saves the photos somewhere that can be accessed via winSCP. Or else im going to keep accidently pressing screenshot and have it list 10000 photos when i only have 24.

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    Sounds like you were out drinking and then looked at your iPod and thought, "Now who installed that app?"

    While you're on your next "installing binge" you should look up ScreenShot, you can set the format and location for your screenshots.

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    Yea, i'd rather not have two applications that do the same thing.

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