what up everyone this is my first post so big uPs to that
so aiiight look i got the iPhone which is unlocked but i don't really use it much other than making phone calls/text msgs, checking email, and surfing the web. So juS the other day i downloaded uSirius that ish is dope.
well today i downloaded iRadio and i was told that i needed this so that i can listen to a radio stream from shoutcast if this is the case does anyone know how to do so?

in the mean time .....what i did was went to safari and opened up the address but it when i click on listen to stream it reads "Safari can't download this file" well when i open this address on my laptop it opens up b/c it re directs me to the realplayer application and start to stream from there.....so with that being said what do i need to do in order for me to stream this particular address via my iPhone?