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Thread: iSolitare Loads but Doesnt Start

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    Question iSolitare Loads but Doesnt Start
    The permissions are set right, the game does load, but theres no board only the score at the bottom.
    Double tapping does nothing.
    The clock does keep ticking so the app is running

    When I try to run it via the command line using putty I get this
    # ./iSolitaire
    2007-12-19 13:40:56.482 iSolitaire[71:d03] Couldn't register with bootstrap serv           er unknown error code (0x44f); failing...
    71:  ABORT: Unable to register "com.chrismiles.iSolitaire" port, 1103 unknown er           ror code
    zsh: abort      ./iSolitaire

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    I suspect, but am not certain that your issue can be resolved by doing this:

    1) Uninstall ISolitaire
    2) Using Finder or SSH or whatever, go to Applications and make sure the is really gone. Now go to/var/root/Library and delete the ISolitaire directory if it still exists there (which is the problem).
    3) Reinstall ISolitaire using

    This resolved my issue -- which sounds a lot like the issue you are having.

    Good luck.

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    thank you! that worked!

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    I also had this issue, and I think the cause of it is that when the app updates, it deletes all the extra themes, leaving only the default ones. If you were using another theme, the preference is still pointing to that theme, but the theme is gone. To quickly fix this, just ssh into your phone, go to /private/var/root/Library and delete the iSolitaire folder. Now the game will start normally with the default settings.


    make a copy of the app before you do the update. After the update, copy your themes back (from within the app), and you should be good to go.

    All a bit annoying though - the themes should be kept in a library outside of the app.

    Great game though!

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    I get a similar error with the springboard stuck in endless reboot, any help would be appriciated.

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