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Thread: Agile Messenger crashing iPhone into eternal respring

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    Default Agile Messenger crashing iPhone into eternal respring
    Ok so, when I installed AgileMessenger 1.0.14 (I think it was, or the first one in the repo) some days ago and everything was cool...then when 1.0.16 came out I updated it with some other packages, and then something weird happened, the iPhone got stucked at "Setting Language" like for more than 10min.
    So I forced a restart but the iPhone got stuck at the apple logo, that is, it wasn't booting... anyway I entered through SSH and eliminated two apps, Agile Messenger and AgileForces (one was updated, the other one was installed for the first time, correspondently) and then the iPhone booted up.
    So one of those were the cause of the problem, firstly I uploaded AgileFores and it was ok, I even docked the phone and everything.
    After that then I uploaded AM but that's when it went to eternal respring again, not when just uploaded, BUT when docked to the Apple Universal Dock...not with the iPhone dock from the box...(same thing happened some months ago with took an entire restore to understand that it was just that app what was causing trouble with the Universal dock)
    So I uninstalled everything and today installed AM 1.0.20, after installed, it respring correctly but when docked it went again to the eternal respring, making me to force reboot and leave it without docking...
    now...I'm sure it's AM what's causing the trouble with the universal dock...
    any ideas? help? developer off AM are you there? lol
    no really, does anyone have an idea of what I should do (and don't tell me not to use the universal dock bc that would be like really dumb, I paid $50 for it and plan to use it!)

    Thanks in advance....
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    I had the same problem....wTF

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