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Thread: New to iPhones new to Apps

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    Got my new iPhone on Wednesday. Was locked on O2 but good old Ziphone fixed all. However one thing stuck me, just how disappointing the applications for it are and their implementation.

    Before it arrived I spent many hours on YouTube etc looking for videos and stories about the iPhone's applications. The main ones I spotted were installer (obviously) and customize & summerboard.
    With the videos I saw it was quick and easy, with summerboard you can scroll up/down with ease and change themes.

    But in practice and for a first time user, it wasnít the case at all.
    Firstly, failed to find customize. Even a search yielded nothing. I had to go through the menu to find it. Then it listed 2 entries. Both IDENTICAL except one had an extra space in the description. This confused me for a start. When I installed it (I had to install the SUID to get it to run) I found it so slow it was unbearable. More often than not crashing out to the home screen, taking 2/3 minutes to open one menu or completely locking up the iPhone where only a hard reset will do.

    So I took my chances and searched for summerboard. There were 2 versions again but one was labelled old so I went for the new one. That installed fine but it doesnít actually do ANYTHING. I canít flip up and down. Thatís all I wanted it for and it doesnít give me the option. It seems to me all these applications people are using are from different sources. The summerboard I saw in a video had tonnes of extra options; this one just allows me to change a few basic things like wallpaper and dock labels.

    Then we get on to paid applications. Now I donít know about you but IF I want to pay for a product it had better be darn good. But nearly all of the paid programmes were crap. There was on in the featured apps called Kate. It actually had the cheek to ask for a subscription based service. It didnít even work. Just gave me a list of add-ons it installed but did nothing. It just sat in my home screen, telling me all features were on but they obviously werenít.
    Now I donít know the inns and outs but surely it would make more sense to pay for say GIMP than it would a tiny programme that allows you to record video in bad quality? ANYWAY
    My question finally, is this. Am I doing something wrong? Summerboard doesnít seem to be like Iíve seen, customize is painfully slow and keeps crashing. I guess Iím just disappointed, I saw videos and articles about iSMS, controlling your pc from your iPhone (didnít mention you had to pay to activate that), full customization, changing the carrier from T-Mobile to whatever you wanted, having your own custom SMS tones. So far it just reminds me of a computer which someone has installed one of those cheap shareware disks you can buy from a shop, filling your computer up with useless software and asking you to pay for them.
    I donít mean to come over angry in my first post. But I canít seem to word my thoughts any other way.

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    Maybe you should wait more than a day before giving us the pleasure of your review?
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    Why? Will you answer the questions then?

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    After you install summerboard you have to go back to Installer and go to the Themes (Summerboard) folder. Here you will find LOTS of themes to install which you will then be able to chose from in SMBPrefs. As for the pay apps... if you don't feel they are worth the money, DON'T BUY THEM! No one is twisting your arm and forcing you to get these apps. Customize needs to be run on WIFI or it's very slow.... just the way it is since all the content is hosted on their servers. 99% of all apps are FREE and the developers have worked countless hours to code them. I'll remind you that we are working on a HACKED phone and many of these apps still have bugs but the VAST majority of them are wonderful. It took me MONTHS to become an expert at all these apps and learn how to use them properly... give it some time as most of the fun is through experimentation. Because the file framework of the iPhone changed after firmware version 1.1.2 there are several versions of the same app as you discovered with summerboard. This can make things a bit confusing but if you do a little research you should be able to install the most compatible apps for your phone. The installer program doesn't "find" every app. You have to learn about SOURCES

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