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Thread: Skype for iPhone??

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    Default Skype for iPhone??
    VOIP would be a great cost saver for the Iphone. I could sit in a coffee shop in China and call home at no cost (if they have WiFi of course)

    Is anyone working on porting Skype from osX to the Iphone?

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    This is the only thing thats available for now.

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    My complaint about s4iphone (IM+Skype for iPhone ) is that the system has to call you BACK on the call back number you provide. Thus killing your airtime in the process. Not to mention all the other fees... ( Connection fee for TWO calls the one to your buddy and the one BACK to your number plus airtime plus the monthly or lifetime access fees.

    The ONLY way around this that I have come up with so far is...
    If you are on T-Mobile or other carrier that allows free calls to certain preset numbers ) that is

    T-Mobile "My-Faves" plan

    Skype pro ( US$3.00 month )

    Skype ToGo number ( To contact Skype via mobile, FREE with Skype-Pro )

    Skype Out Credits ( calls from US$0.02 a min/US$10.00 min credit )
    Skype IN ( Get a Skype number for peeps to call you from anywhere, YES fees apply also but cheaper than any mobile overseas calls. )

    Personal Example:
    Mobile to mobile calls to Australia from the US is US$0.65 a min
    With SkypeOut and a ToGo number is only US$0.02 a min with US$0.04 for connection.

    So if you use international calling often like I do this is a life and bank account saver for sure.

    I have been unable to read the whole Skype website yet as its very extensive with information ALL OVER the place so you REALLY have to look for the specific answer you want. So as of now this is the whole story.

    You add your own "Skype ToGo" number to "Myfaves" so free calls to that number. Then you dial the number you want to call from that service. NO call back no extra plan minutes (ONLY on T-Mobile or other plan that will allows free calls to certain numbers)

    This is the best way I have found to use Skype with the iPhone.
    Please correct me if I am wrong...

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    Ya, I use Jajah as well. Rates are pretty competitive and as shaybaba said, they have designed an interface for the iPhone.
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    yet another option...
    Thansk for the heads up.

    How about this....
    I just stumbled on this a few minutes ago.
    Totally FREE, just hear a 10 Sec commercial add before you start talking.

    After registration from iPhone go to:

    Anyone tried them out yet ?
    Any feedback ?
    Comments ?

    Similar to the local number from Skype but it actually gives your buddy overseas a local number to call you on as well.

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