hey guys, am geting an iphone for xmas. I have tried to do lots of reading on native apps before posting this question, but i cant seem to find what im after. All i want is an app that will let me have more than the 16 icons on the iphone and be able to slide accross back and forth to them. I do not want any themes etc, just more icons. Does this mean I HAVE to use summerboard as ive read about its instabillity issues and would rather avoid using it at all (from what im aware it completely slows down the iphone, random program crashes etc - or is this just when 'dim wallpaper' is on?)

Ill be using a 1.1.2 uk iphone.

At the moment im guessing ill have to use somehting like ilauncher and just forget about scrolling screens of icons until summerboard is fixed?

Thanks for your help guys