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Thread: Downloading from Safari.

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    Default Downloading from Safari.
    Did i read it correctly from Erica's website that there is a plug in of some sort that allows people download things with Safari on the iPhone, and then save it as well?

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    There is actually a plugin and an app called HistoryDL that allow this. Take a look in this thread. It discusses the pros and cons of each a bit and offers a link to the original hackint0sh thread for the plugin. Googling HistoryDL brings up a nice howto on it, as well. I haven't tried the plugin, but HistoryDL and Sendfile are a nice combo for mp3s off of sites like Seeqpod.

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    Or the Safari downloading Plugin...

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    what section is it under in the installer?

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    I haven't seen this either. I would be very interested in testing this out.

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    The Safari downloading Plugin works great and if you use the netservices app you can use it to turn it on and off!

    Its called 1.1.2- Download Plugin (i think theres one for 1.1.1 also) and I got it from the copy Coders source
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    Beat to it while typing it. lol I'm not sure what version Copycoders is offering, but the other source just had 0.1. Sounds like they've done most of the work with the version offered at Copycoders though.
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    The copycoders one is the same plugin I think, but they've added a script to easily enable/disable it using NetServices.

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    well version .2 of the safari file plugin is out. It adds a progress bar and you can change the name of the file now.

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    where can we grab it? its not on copycoders yet

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    Its on the Brandonschenker source, I'm on my phone, so I can't copy it, but it was posted on hacking0sh in the plugin thread, it works great...

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