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  • Touch'em

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  • Touch Hold'em

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Thread: Renaming choices for THTouch - Poll

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    Default Renaming choices for THTouch - Poll

    we collected quite a few name suggestions during the last week, some of them were bogus, others to "iWhatever" oriented.
    But a few kept it simple and straightforward. Not exactly the state of creativity, but nevertheless good names.

    I hope, that the final choice isn't a registered trademark or something, so it won't bring any trouble

    Please make your choice. I'll probably rename it only for the AppStore... lets see.

    (iPholdem is the only name with an "i" as it shares the four beginning letters with "iPhone", which is a clever find)

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    Im gonna move this to the discussion forum and pin it for ya

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    I like iPhold'em. Nice play on words.
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    no question... but maybe thats just bc i thought of it

    but seriously tho, i do think it fits best for the game and phone
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    Texas Touch 'em No?
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    Though iPhold'em is a clever play on words,
    the point of the game is to win,
    and you can't win if you fold. ;D

    IMHO, negative names are good for "marketing".

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    iPhold'em gets my vote

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    iPhold'em is the best of the choices, but I think you can do better. One thing is that when I see the word "touch" I think iPod Touch and most of us are on an iPhone.

    I'd leave touch out of the name......... Whatever you decide.

    Here's a few other suggestions just so I have contributed something......

    Pocket Hold'em

    Hold Cards

    Hold'em or Fold'em

    Ante up! (<--- I'm partial to this one and it gets you to the top of the installer )

    Max Bet

    Pocket Change Hold'em

    Wheelin' Dealin'

    World class Hold'em

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    I don't know if this is too obvious, but how about "Texas Hold'em"?
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.

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    The most obvious name should be iHold'em

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    Quote Originally Posted by loujob View Post
    The most obvious name should be iHold'em
    +1 for this name

    I voted that I don't like any of the names on the poll. I also agree with One1 that the name should avoid "touch" in the title, but i have to say, I would avoid any of the titles that he had to contribute... haha, no offense but "hold cards" has to be one the worst names possible.

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    Texas Touch'em

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    iHold'em over iPhold'em

    "Fold" is not a desired move to be primarily identifying the game by.

    I like Ante Up! too...

    dunno if im too late on this... im addicted to the game though and look forward to its progress

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    I'm currently argueing with myself, whether I want to change the name or better keep it for the sake of recognition. Hmm, tough question. The winner of the poll here is iPhold'em, followed by "none of the candidates" and "keep it".
    Over at modmyi the poll result states Touch Hold'em, followed by keeping the name and iPhold'em.

    Damn, what to do... I'll make some tea and philosophize a bit

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