I normally try to refrain from posting questions, but I'm absolutely desperate. Anyways, I had the "Untitled Playlist" problem, and all of my songs were gone, so I reluctantly restored. However, before that, I backed up my iPhone with iBares. After restoring, I restored the Backup, but halfway through it gave me an alert about how I used Bosstools, and how I should create that link again. It stopped, and I re-created the link over SSH, but as I tried my phone, it was choking up, and constantly resprings. The slider wouldn't even move properly (laaaag), and at the screen with the apps, I couldn't click any apps, or slide. Within a second or two, it would show the little rotating icon, and then respring. It did that everytime, so I assumed that it was because of how it stopped halfway through. I then restored, again, and then decided to forget iBares. I downloaded all of my apps again, but was still missing a lot of stuff, so I decided to use iBares again. I clicked restore, and it completed 100%, but my Phone still has the same issue.

Any help/fixes? I really don't want to go through all of that stress re-downloading everything again after a restore. Thanks in advance.