Got my iphone from ebay unlocked firmware 1.1.1 Everything works perfectly. The seller had pre-installed the following packages - Installer ver. 3.0b8, BSD Subsystem ver.1.5. Mobile Terminal ver. svn113. Trip1PogoStick Ver. 2.0-1. But on the Installer it says that I only have 35+MB memory left. I have not yet installed anything on it. I found threads and found with instruction to go to and install vt 100 terminal. I couldnt find the vt 100 terminal on the this the same as mobile terminal that was pre-installed? I managed to download the but still didnt install it cause I read that there are a lot of issues and would not work on firmware 1.1.1 But I afraid that the Installer had been overwritten already as I see a new Icon. Though I believe the pre-installed Installer is still on on the system packages...and there is an option to re-install. Could I do a re-install? I need help on regaining back the loss 7++GB memory...I dont wanna to mess up and brick my all kindhearted peeps pls. help me!