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Thread: Import/Export Notes

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    Default Import/Export Notes
    i got these nifty apps that allow you to import and export notes to mobilenotes from the moyashi repository. i checked out the translated version of page that apparently tells you how to use it...

    i may be dumb but i cannot figure out how this works...anyone know? i tried a search for it but could not find anything. thanks.

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    I've been meaning to post up some info on these. I found awhile back, and they wouldn't work for me either, so I did a little digging into them.

    To get ImportNotes/ExportNotes to work, there were a couple of issues:

    • First you must also install:
    BSD Subsystem
    Erica's Ported Utilities
    Erica's Utilities
    Also, not mandatory, but useful, you should have installed also

    • For some reason, some of the scripts contained in the apps were a bit messed up with stray characters. Possibly a Unicode issue, I dunno. After I cleaned them up, they worked fine.

    • It only reads the files in the root of /var/root/Media/EBooks
    Subfolder contents are not read.

    • No spaces are allowed in the filename!

    Any .txt files in the Ebooks main directory are added to the Notes app database when you run ImportNotes.

    Any Notes will be exported to plain text in the Ebooks folder when ExportNotes is run.

    I haven't found them all that useful, but the underlying ideas are cool and I found studying the scripts to be helpful.

    I'm attaching my cleaned up versions of these for your convenience. I also made my own icons for them, which are not very good, but a I like them better than the default.

    You can download the other required applications from Installer.
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    thank you so much!

    just a little update here. i did a little playing around and figured out that when you make a note in mobile notes start it of with @@ (i.e. @@testing 1, 2). then when you are done you can hit launch export notes and it will export it into var/root/media/ebooks.

    then if you do something on the cpu save it as a txt file but again start the name off with @@ (i.e. @@test.txt) and put it in the var/root/media/ebooks folder. launch import notes and it will show up in mobile notes. the downside to this is that all your notes will start of with @@, but i suppose you can delete that if you choose.

    as DaveiPhone mentioned you do need to have erica's ported utilities, erica's utilities, bsd subsystem and ebook.

    this has been tested and confirmed. this works with the unmodded files that you get with the moyashi repository. thanks to DaveiPhone we now have another way of doing this.
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    Glad you brought that up! It's been awhile, and I completely forgot that I eliminated that feature of adding the @@ characters. My version doesn't use that, it does all notes both directions without any special prefix.

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    hmm strange
    i just installed installnotes and i need to put @@ before the filename O.O

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    I read some where that you can put notes in Contacts and it will sync with iTunes and save. I use a Mac and the address book notes do sync for a given contact. Of course only one note per contact.

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    I tested out the version uploaded by Daveiphone (thanks btw) but can't seem to get it to import. I used a normal name, haven't tried a special prefix yet. BUt I can read my note in ebooks hah.

    edit: Just tested it with the special prefix and didn't work either. Might be cause I'm on 1.1.3 but who knows.

    I figure I'll just put notes in my ebook for the time being
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    I dont know if I miss anything, but I just installed the files provided by daveIPhone and the icons of import and export were gonne! :(
    I had to restore my original import and export apps, but they dont work anyway... I imagine if this has something to do with the message I got when installing Erica ported utils "add /var/root/bin to the path". I just dont know what command to use to do this. I checked my path and '/private/var/root/bin' is already there but this is the three under 'private' folder...
    Help! ;)

    Ok Ok!
    Ive found out what I did wrong, I wont even say because it was very stupid ;P
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    why doesnt it work on 1.1.4?

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    hey does anybody know exactly how to make this work on 1.13/1.1.4?
    I did it once (even though i don't know exactlywhat i was doing...when i open the package content it shows (in both;import & exportnotes) the fiel "" whhich i edited a little bit (shouldnt be too difficult). Then i did something in terminal i used chmod 4755 or so..dont really remember.
    But now when i try that again both apps dont apper on the springboard even thoguh i can see them in the applications folder (with AFP).

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    I downloaded your .zip files and manually installed them and they show up as icons. So far so good. I also installed all required supporting packages. When I execute the, it displays the alerts saying that it has notes to dump and that the dump finished, but I see no files saved anywhere. Likewise, when I run, it displays an alert that there is one file to import (in /private/var/root/Media/EBooks) and then I get an alert that the import failed.

    I'm running v1.1.4. What owner should the app be? What chmod settings should the app be? Is there anything else that needs to be tweaked, set, or installed?

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    it should be /private/var/private/

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    anyone know of a 2.X update? or a similar but different solution?

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