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Thread: Anyone know the url for the 'Big Boss' sources?

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    Default Anyone know the url for the 'Big Boss' sources?
    I have them on my phone but I'm trying to get added to my friends and he doesn't see them in his source list for some reason... and when I go into my sources the url is too long and gets cut off... thanks in advance everyone.

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    I moved it to here:
    Please do not send me messages here as I never check them. If you need to contact me, send me an email. My contact info is easy to find from inside Cydia.

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    BigBoss plz why won't SMB Fix show up for me? I unistalled your Community Source ( need that back plz whaat is full url? so then tried and it puts it in Uncategorized, so what should I do now? I want that SMB Fix so SMB will finally work for me on 1.1.4
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBoss View Post
    I moved it to here:
    Hey BigBoss...

    Love the work you are doing

    I tried installing the source manually and the "could not refresh source" message still pops up. All other sources refreshed and working. Give me a hand here... your source has a collection that I MUST have lol.

    If anyone knows how to deal with this problem please let me know.
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    Default Bigboss Source
    I have tried all the urls i have found everywhere, including
    None of these have worked for me. i am trying to get it into cydia, by going under the "manage" tab, tapping "sources", the "edit", "add", and typing in the source. If i am misspelling anything, or am doing something wrong, please tell me!

    also, on a side note, i have been getting an error when cydia refreshes, "failed to fetch", among other things, for the modmyi repo.
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    Default i have the source

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    ive tried all the repo above but none work for me either. Anyone got the new bigboss source

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    Ya none of these are working....old thread but anyone have the updated repo?

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    Default Finding the Big Boss source within Cydia
    I am actually unsure of the source as it is too long and cannot see the end of it but you do not need it as you can easily go (on your idevice) to the homepage of Cydia then to "More Package Sources" then if not already installed it will have Big Boss at the top of the page which allows you to add the source.

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    Google>Big Boss.

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    Default Bigboss repo back !!!!
    Had the same problem twice this week ,and what did help is realy simple thing , after jailbreking big boss repo did not had any pakeges so i delete it , then could not add repo back !!! Tried every repo in the posts )) panic and restore again , then same thing ! Solution on main page, go to more sourses and (i add sosiphone) then big boss came back!!!!

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