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Thread: permissions on textreader

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    Default permissions on textreader
    When I try to open a prc file on textreader I get a lack of permission message. Anyone something to suggest? Thanks in advance

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    Probably best to open an issue on the textReader home page - iphonetextreader - Google Code
    It is sheer luck I happened to see this post - I don't usually watch these forums.

    Anyway, it depends on what version of textReader, what the .prc file is and where you got it, how you put it on the iPhone/Touch, what permissions are on the file (use winscp - properties, or ssh to the phone and do an ls -l on the file), and whether or not you can open a text file in the same spot with the same permissions.

    Since it is a PRC file I assume it is Mobipocket - if it is something textReader doesn't support or if you purchased it (i.e. it is encrypted with DRM) it won't work - nothing I can do about that although there are conversion programs floating around.

    If it really is a permissions problem, make usre you have all of the read permissions set - use something like winscp or do a "chmod a+r file.prc" on the file.

    It is probably an encoding issue. What language/encoding is the file supposed to be in? What encoding have you selected? If you are using 1.0Beta, make sure the first encoding on listed in the settings is the one that should work for the file.

    Failing all of that, you can send the prc file and a note to [email protected] and I'll take a look.


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