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Thread: Photo Album High Speed Slide Show

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    Default Photo Album High Speed Slide Show
    I just found a way to very quickly zip through all of the pictures in your photo album. I don't think this technique was something that Apple actually put on the phone but rather a qwerk in the software.

    Go into your iPhones Photos app and then into an album that has lots of pictures (it's more fun to watch if you have lots of pictures).
    Now tap on and bring up the very first picture.
    Here's the tricky part: At the bottom of the screen put your finger on the arrow pointing to the right (the "Next Picture" arrow) and at the same time use a different finger to slide the picture's screen to the left and then take your finger off of the arrow key.
    Your screen should slowly start advancing through your photos and then rapidly increase in speed until your pictures are flying by at a high rate of speed.
    Once you master that you can even do it in reverse order starting at the last picture and zipping back to the first.

    This has no use at all... but it's fun.

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    heh Yeah saw this a while back its a fun little trick

    [ame=]YouTube - iPod Touch - First Photo Glitch (2)[/ame]

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