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Thread: SSH/FTP only works sometimes?

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    Default SSH/FTP only works sometimes?
    Two weeks ago I followed a tutorial to FTP into my iphone (it was already jailbroken) and it worked perfectly. I transfered the files I wanted and that was that. Then a week later I tried it dice. I tried redoing the entire network, I tried creating a whole new network...nothing worked. I got frustrated and stopped trying. Then a few days ago I tried it again...and it worked...but it didn't work the next day.
    I've tried it on a completely different network once and it worked the first time...but I haven't been back to try it there again.
    I've tried using DHCP to assign my IP's, I've tried doing it manually...neither one works (consistently).
    I have a perfect connection to my wireless network on both network has no problems with any other traffic whatsoever.

    When I try to S-FTP into the iphone using Cyberduck it just sits there saying "Opening SSH connection to" and eventually times out.

    any idea what I should try next?

    for reference sake, my iphone is awake and SSH is turned on when I try this.
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    sometimes when the phone locks up after a while to wifi goes out.....set ur auto lock to never and try it

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    auto lock was already set to "never" (that's the way I like it)
    couldn't FTP or SSH in last night...but this time I did a bit more researching. Turns out that I can't even ping the iphone from my laptop. It would seem like it wasn't on the network then, except that the router (an old D-Link) sees the iphone and logs that it is accessing the router. Everything else I've tried on my network (other pc's, xbox 360, etc) work fine...just not my iphone.
    don't suppose anyone else is having this problem then.

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