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Thread: My iPod is DEAD thanks to MobileFinder!!!

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    your probably could delete demoapp without any ill effect. I think its just used by apple to run demos on the iphones in apple stores and the like. Probably shouldn't though. Its invisible and takes up a tiny amount of space. You should have know better than to delete something called Mobileslideshow, however. Its in the name what it does.
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    This totally made my day, thank you!
    Please continue experimenting with thing you don't know about and post your finding!

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    I opened up the fuse box to my car and started pulling out random fuses and relays that looked as though they werent technically supposed to be there, and now my car wont start!!! WHAT GIVES!?!

    dont get butt hurt, we are all just messing with you. But really, you shouldnt be deleting anything just because it sounds usless... we are on jailbroken phones and we arent technically even supposed to be browsing through the file system, so assume that all files serve a purpose.

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    I have no Idea what happened this time, but same thing that happened before...

    The applications won't work!!!!

    This time, I haven't touched MobileFinder! All of a sudden they stopped working

    I can open them, but it seems like they don't recognize my touch...

    It works for changing page at the home page, but when I open an application, it loads, and stays there, I can't do anything but to press the Home button to go back...

    Anyone knows the problem?

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    This is the thread that keeps on giving.

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    I don't know what's wrong with my ipod...

    What if I just copy all the applications from WinSCP and restore the ipod, then Paste them back once it's restored???

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    Dude, seriously, give the Touch back to the clerk. It's getting late. Walmart closes soon. Your mom is looking for you in the cereal aisle.
    I'm so glad I don't have to meet The Internet People.

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    Sir, perhaps we can interest you in something a little more your speed, like say, a Razr or a go-phone.

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    no, seriously...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksong12 View Post
    Stupid idea. Oh look, here are some really really REALLY strange files in C:/Windows/System32.... Let's delete them!
    lol  03473

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    no, guys seriously...

    What If I copy all the files from WinSCP, restore the ipod, and put them back?

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    That will likely not work, because of permissions, and many other complications.

    If you don't like the System32 analogy, let's try this:

    Go to C:/Program Files/Microsoft.NET/....... WTF IS THAT? I have no idea. Looks like junk; looks like Microsoft is trying to send my personal info back to them or something... LETS DELETE IT!

    Or even: C:/Windows/System32/.... hmm....... wait... THIS FOLDER isn't supposed to have apps in it! Look! There are .exe files in there! Let's delete them.

    *Disclaimer: do not attempt any of the aforementioned bright ideas. They will likely result in your inability to run many programs on your computer. I am not responsible for any damage caused by anybody, especially exploring people who delete random things that look like they don't belong. Go delete the Registry hive while you are at it.

    Anyway, back to your problem. It is probably an applications incompatability of some sort. I would recommend restoring. If you really want your apps, for the most part, most apps can be copied and the appropriate permissions attached. But that is no easier than simply using and reinstalling everything...

    P.S. C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer/ is useless. You can delete that entire folder.

    Oh, and it just hit me. You might be using a Mac. Sorry to leave you out. Try looking in /usr/bin/CoreServices. (exact address subject to change) Look for something called, as well as Delete them. Reboot. Instant karma.
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    Ok, I'm not getting anything... are you still joking, or I really have to delete and

    Because they aren't in /usr/bin/coreservices

    I can delete them from Applications!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarko View Post
    Ok, I'm not getting anything... are you still joking, or I really have to delete and

    Because they aren't in /usr/bin/coreservices

    I can delete them from Applications!

    just restore your i touch and reinstall your apps with installer.

    everyone in this thread is making fun of you....DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING THEY ARE TELLING YOU TO.

    just restore and rejailbreak. i know it can be a pain in the *** but you obviously did something that you werent supposed to so your best bet is to just restore and reinstall.

    and next time do not just start randomly deleting something because YOU THINK, they dont belong because in all honestly what you think MEANS NOTHING!!!!

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    I restored what I deleted... now the problem is something else...

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    Best. Thread. Ever.
    Apples taste good.

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    Is there anyone here who can help me?

    Ok, even if I restore, can I save the applications already installed?

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    ^^^Restore. Re-Jailbreak. Re-Install applications. The End.
    Apples taste good.

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    If that's the only thing left to do...

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    This thread needs to be a sticky on how NOT to mod your iphone.

    It may be that your purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others.

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