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Thread: Come February, mayhem?

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    I already posted this question in another thread, so I hope everyone doesn't think I'm horribly obnoxious for putting it here too. when I found this thread, it seemed like the more appropriate place for it...

    As there seem to be a lot of actual hackers/developers posting on this site, I'm curious...
    How many of you guys are interested in coding for the legit SDK, or "porting" your currently hacked apps to it to be sold/distributed on iTunes? I know we don't know what kind of restrictions Apple is going to place on it yet, but if (in a cream dream fantasy world) he announces that anybody can get the SDK, distribute their (approved) software on iTunes and set your own prices (including free), would you guys be interested? Or is everybody still so PO'ed about app breaking that they'd rather keep hacking no matter what? It's obvious that there will never be a legit anySim, but what about all the other great basic apps that require jailbreaking? Just how open would the SDK have to be to suck you guys in?

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    For me, the main criteria is pricing for the SDK.

    If, for example, the SDK requires ADC Premier Membership for access, then that will be too expensive and I will see how we can install our applications bypassing Apple (would Apple approve an SDK created )

    OTOH, ADC Select Membership is borderline, but I think too much for a hobby (much like Microsoft's move of Windows Mobile development to Visual Studio 2008 Professional means I am sticking with VS 2005 Standard for now).

    If the leaked keynote at Wikipedia is true, that is very interesting security scheme. I'll want to see what type of trade secrets protection they offer. And those of us that have worked on other people's code know it isn't easy even with source to follow along. How long will the approval process take? More than a few weeks is seriously limiting the responsiveness available now for rapid updating.

    I also find it hard to believe it will be possible to create SummerBoard or SwitcherAE or Customize with the SDK, so that will make a major reason for jailbreaking still needed.

    Overall, I want to use the SDK to release free and commercial applications. But I don't want to be too limited in my capabilities.

    Oh, I forgotvto mention I develop on Windows, so if that isn't supported...
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