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Thread: IntelliScreen vs iToday...

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    Default IntelliScreen vs iToday...
    So witch are you using?
    My vote goes to IntelliScreen...
    IntelliScreen works exellent on my iPhone...Great support as well...
    Quick access from lock screen to SMS, Mail, Safari...
    Just slide on calendar, sms etc area and press Launch...

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    Intelliscreen on both my iPhone and iPod Touch, paid for the full version on my iPhone. It works really well, gives you the audible and visible alerts for things like sms missed calls and mail, and I really like the RSS feeds I use that for the latest BBC news - in fact I think this is the best feature it updates regular and I can see the latest headlines and then slide to open the full story in Safari.
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    i personally like itoday better, its more comprehensive in my opinion

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    Thus far I've found IntelliScreen to be abusive in terms of battery life. With luck future upgrades / updates will address. Other than that I'm quite pleased with the app.

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    IntelliScreen offers the user a lot of control, and there are certain settings that will definitely cause excessive battery usage. In particular, the alerts reminders can eat a lot of battery life, as will refreshing news or mail really often. However, all this can be adjusted and/or disabled. I have alerts disabled and only auto-refresh news/weather once a day. With those settings, I see no noticeable impact on battery life at all.

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    Hate them both!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacLunatic View Post
    Hate them both!
    You sir are awesome.

    Anyways, IntelliScreen costs money and is the only one I've tried.
    iToday, I haven't tried, but correct me if I'm wrong, its free.

    I'm a fan of free... So for now, my vote goes to iToday.

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    iToday not for free. IToday cost about $5.00

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    Intelliscreen freezes my iPhone. I had freezes for the last couple of weeks, and with Intelliscreen disabled - no more freezes. Can't figure out what causes freeze, but Intelliscreen is a goner for me.

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    never had issues with intelliscreen and i LOVE it. the quick view feature is AWESOME,
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    Anyone got a current location for iToday ?

    Looked around some, not on the Cydia store.

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    Neither. I like the free choice... LockInfo.
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    lock info paired w/ gruppled.

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