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Thread: Paysage-Off

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    Default Paysage-Off
    I saw this app in installer (mmi's repo)
    and it should let u choose to turn on or off Safari's accelerometer

    I really needed an app like that coz I use iPhone in browsing Internet a lot while sleeping on bed on my side

    But it didn't work with me

    Anyone got it to work ?
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    Not working for me either... sounds awesome though.

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    Hmmm... It doesn't work plus it does a hard respring and clears my usage info!
    It might be an ownership/permission issue. Lots of Jiggy apps have that.

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    didn't work for me either

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    me niether... boo!

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    nope dosent work for me ether....
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    I tried it and it didnt work. Its a great idea but it would be nice to see it working soon...

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Perhaps someone should contact the developer, I would love to see this app working! Great idea but just needs a lil bit more fixin.

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    And I thought I was the only one with this problem when I am reading/watching my iPhone in bed ... too bad it doesn't work because I have been looking for the same thing.

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    lol noone has a fix for it yet??
    weird that its on mmi's source, how come they didnt test it?
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    Default a fix!
    ssh in as root and type

    chmod +s /Applications/

    and it should work
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    I tried setting permissions to 777, since I'm assuming that's what that means, but it makes no difference.

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    ( I'm French, excuse me for my bad english )
    I'm the main creator of this package ( not the background )
    The fix, ssh root/alpine and type :

    cd /Applications/
    chmod 7777 jiggy
    chmod 7777 main.js
    cd /Applications/
    chmod 7777 cp
    chmod 7777 ln
    chmod 7777 rm
    After this, the app work corectly
    It's 7777, not 777

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