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Thread: summerboard help

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    Default summerboard help
    Ok ive been trying to get summerboard working on me iphone for 3 days with no luck so i need some help. iswitcher works but i cannot get the back ground to show up behind the icons so i dont know if im missing a peace of software my phone is on o2 uk unlocked customise works but the o2-uk name cannot be changed im using 3.0b1 smbprefs but when i scroll right down bottom its says summerboard 3.0b1 (inactive) any help would be grateful

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    i hope i am not to vague.but did u restart ur phone after installin summerboard.

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    how do u restart phone lol im new i know how to turn on off lol

    lmao i didnt know you were able to restart that works a treat thanks
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    Hold down the button on the top right of your phone, slide it off, then hold the button again, and try it...

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    LMAO. You can jailbreak and unlock a phone and not know how to turn it off and on? (I hope it was purchased that way now that I think of it) Wooooooow.


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    i'm having the same exact problem my friend. I had it working and had to restore my iphone because i messed up the keypad artwork file. I'm running 1.1.1 jailbroken and can't get summboard to load anything.......

    yep, now it works. man i'm thanks guys
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    Default I think i messed somthing up but not sure what
    Ok so long story short, my phone wasn't working so i had to take it into the apple store. Knew they didn't like 3rd party apps so in the store i was downloading 1.1.3 on one of there laptops to get rid of everything because i figured my problem was unfixable. Got tired of waiting so i just started uninstalling everything on my phone. When i got to the Summerboard and uninstalled it it came with an error. They fixed my phone so i didn't get a knew one.

    So know im trying to reinstall everything but Summerboard isn't working. And for some reason its in the uninstall tab, with a reinstall button up in the top right, try to reinstall but dosn't work.

    Im guessing taht sence its in the uninstall that its not gonna show up in the install because it assums i already have it.

    I was going to try and whipe it clean, of AppTap and everything but cant figure it out.

    There is also a source that i found that installs about 30 some sources that i cant get to install now either

    Please help

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