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Thread: See full (multiple) SMS texts

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    Default See full (multiple) SMS texts
    When you receive a text more then "one text" long, it gets cut off, which is something I've always hated seeing as how I get a ton of texts. I was told by someone to use SMSD, but that doesnt help at all. Is there anything else to do?

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    I think this is actually the OTHER persons mobile phone splitting it up and not the iphone's issue... [Not that it still doesnt suck]

    Try sending yourself a SMS message over 160 characters (aprox standard sms length).

    I used....
    "Calculate and display the number of characters within a TEXTAREA with this script. Useful, for example, in helping your visitors manually keep their input length in check!"
    which is 171 characters long. It didnt split it up.

    So if (since) its the other phone's fault for splitting them into 160 character chunks youre still going to recieve 2 messages. Obviously you can write/find an app that merges them together, but it may be difficult to know if they SHOULD be merged... (unless you code it to check timestamps and if its within a couple seconds, then merge them) ...

    BUT... then you allways get the people/cell towers that ******* double send stuff... and that will be even more annoying...

    In conclusion: It's probably not the iphone's fault, but the fault of other cells. I think its better chunked then sloppy merges.

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